Friday, April 07, 2006

what's Norther, then?

is it prince george / fort st john b.c. like it says on page three?

perhaps that's part. but from what i've just experienced Norther is a new kind of canadian hit. something leonard cohen could be proud of, for sure.

i was going to do a blown out review--which i may still do later--but i've decided that for the moment a plug will be jsut as effective. i have only read the journal once through (though i have read many of the poems on the contributors' blogs); therefore, don't feel like i've allowed the material to really seep in. i will say, though that it is a beautiful little e-jounral and am proud to boast about it here on my humble corner of the blogsphere.

Norther promo at the culture mill

so kiddies, to get your copy of the first ever edition of Norther please email either rob or hardy and request your copy.

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