Sunday, July 31, 2011

England Trip

ryan and i just got home from a very relaxing stay in england where our main purpose of going (and main reason for going when we did) was to meet our new niece Leila May...

we spent most of our time in and around Derby with the exception of a day in london town where we went on the Dr Who Experience (thank you Kerry!) and got to see a few seriously awesome TARDIS sets including the entire 9th Doctor's TARDIS

and Ryan got to geek over his first doctor's TARDIS console ^__^

while in london, we met up with our friend Johnny.

in his company, we hit up the Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Rd and the Laudree store in the Burmingham Arcade.

finally, we found ourselves on baker street (the real one) as well as the filming location from BBC's Sherlock.

the day after our adventure to london, we hiked north to Wilmslow/Manchester to go bowling with Leila (which despite her expression in the picture, she actually loved)

then caught up with Dave at pizza co. and later with matt.  dave, pictured below, appears to have died his hair to match the label of his favorite soda...

other than those two days we spent our time hanging out in Derby.  we did a little shopping and a lot of wondering around and taking pictures of ourselves with kinder surprise...

we did manage to catch up with a few more friends while were in Derby.  ryan caught up with littleover friend Aman and we went out for a very nice indian with Joe and his fiancee Nadia (not a flattering photo, i'll admit)

and rounding off our trip, we spent a day with Lynn on the Cannock Chase on a beautiful 6 ish mile hike filled with all sorts of charming wildlife.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

off to england tomorrow

going to meet Leila, our niece (!!!).  going to eat jelly babies.  going to drink tea.  going to walk through christopher eccleston's TARDIS! and going to relax.  a lot.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

the first night (a drabble)

m followed c home from the art gallery. they had a private after-party on the couch. the neighbors could hear them, but couldn't make out the words. the neighbors couldn't hear m asking c if he could stay. the neighbors couldn't hear c tell m how she found him handsome. the neighbors could hear them laughing together. the private after-party was going well, and went on until morning. m woke up first. he found the kitchen. he found the kettle and made tea for the pretty girl asleep in the other room. c let him stay for a long time. 

odd confession

i had a little wart on my right pointer finger.  last weekend, it changed color from white to brown.  the skin started to flake around it, and now it's gone.  i didn't put anything on it or treat it with anything.  about six months ago i had a little cluster of warts near this last one that i used wart band-aids to remove, but i somehow doubt that the band-aids have had some sort of residual effects. 

there are a couple of things that may have caused the little wart to go away.  i have started taking my multi vitamin and iron supplements regularly again, though that would have made my warts go away when i took them before, wouldn't it?  i have started drinking green tea instead of black (to avoid caffeine because it makes my eyelid twitch, and to avoid the milk i usually have in my tea because it gives me a stomach ache).  i have also started consuming infinite more amounts of balsamic vinegar and olive oil since i started working at Gustare.  maybe one or a combination of these dietary changes has had an impact?

i have also started running even more.  maybe i sweat my wart off?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


ryan and i joined the Coonamessett Farm this year, which meant i got to go pick strawberries a few weeks ago (extra good because giovanni, the bunny in our yard, ate my potted strawberry!)...

summer means lobster

it's been a crazy summer so far, what with the selling of olive oils, weight watchers and all the macaron baking i've been doing.  so i've neglected my blog a little.  ryan and i did find time to celebrate my very american holiday this weekend with some delicious lobster on Monday night, followed by even more delicious-er lobster truffle macaroni and cheese tonight.