Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 76

another picture of teh kittehs

this is one of Alli and Jack trying to help me decide what shaped pasta to have with my meatballs...
Alli got very paws-on, as you can see

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 75

deformation pronounced
with every syllabul
creeking from the crest
of a dry tongue at 8am
wakes the beating heart
of a mountain beast

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 74

a perfect day for banana fish...

rest in peace JD Salinger

and Howard Zinn :(

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the bardrat

a poem for jenni

the breath of men is stinkier then
than the litter box in the bedroom

he drinks, he smokes, he writes shit plays
and all we do is look away

in hopes that he'll vanish
or fashion something dear to us

but, alas, a man with bad breath is he
and never will a tooth brush he see

Day 72

from Left to Right:

Yabo, Boo, Halloween Kitty, Fat Baby (aka Atipose), and Hungry

Day 71

look out behind you, Wallace!

Day 70

with milk ♥

Day 69

we recently watched Daemons (the 3rd Doctor adventure) featuring Sargent Benton and his right hook.

this picture of John Leven was taken while filming Daemons. when i met John i asked him to sign his favorite picture for me, and he chose this one. ^____^ he's a very pleasant old English gentleman who thinks black socks are distasteful. ♥

Day 68

ryan made chicken tikka masala for dinner sunday night for some guests. it was, as usual, delicious.

Day 67 - kitteh blur

this is what happens when one tries to take photos of moving kittehs with the macro focus function on:

Day 66

i went around the house with the camera and took a bunch of pictures. i'm playing a bit of catch up in all areas of life right now... better late than never, they say. who they are, i don't know.

maybe that's what the king of the cosmos would say...

(the prince and his friend Domo dressed as a deer eating biscuits)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 65

ryan made us Tonkotsu Ramen for dinner tonight. it took something silly like 4 hours to boil the pork bones, but it turned out really really nice. and there are left overs for me to enjoy at lunch tomorrow ^_____^


Monday, January 18, 2010

diary of a working angel - super drabble

i woke up with no memory in a hospital bed, tucked in and wired up. a group of students approached my side. things were said that i didn't understand.

i fell asleep and when i woke i was outside. the wind chilled me to the bone and a man called for help from the edge of a cliff. without time to think, i reached over to lend him my strength.

what happened to me? i asked him, but he couldn't say. he just thanked me and watched as i walked away into the bogs. i seemed to me, to disappear.

i woke up in a crowd of hysterical cries. a stampede of unfamiliar faces with very familiar expressions of fear all over their faces. so i ran until i saw her. a child, her legs mangled form a lifetime of injury. the chair beside her broken. so i lifted her small body. she was heavy for me, but the will to bring her with me, away from a danger i didn't know overruled the stinging in my arms.

though she couldn't understand, her mother still thanks the heavens for sending an angel to rescue her sick child from the wave.

i must have looked like someone he knew because his eyes were set on me from the moment i appeared in the doorway to the night club. i wanted to leave, to figure out what had happened to me. have i died? this can't be heaven. i'm tired, starved.

before i could turn to leave, i felt his hand around my arm. gentle, but clammy.

"don't go yet" he shouted, competing with the dj.

"where am i?"



"club heaven"

"I’m leaving”

“can I come with you?”

we heard the ambulance just a few minutes later. 46 shot dead.

i stood in a blood soaked field in the north. men screamed and i stood there. naked and crying like a child. the smell of death swirled up around me like a heavy fog. there was a clear-eyed man on the other side of the battle. he saw me and paused. he saw me and cried. men around him paused and stared at me, weeping. the fighting stopped, but the smell of death only thickened. and though i must be mystical, i felt the cold steel push its way through my back and my heart. the pain was so real.

if i wasn't sure i'd died before, this time i knew. so when i woke again, i could do nothing by cry. the self-pity over came me.

yet in my sobs and fits of terror, i fulfilled another need.

a blue-haired old woman poked me with her cane outside the grocery store where i sat weeping on the sidewalk.

"get up, you're a disgrace," the granny blasphemed.

"i said, get up!" she stared me down and took me home, gave me food, drink, a place to sleep, and told me stories of the war and the boy she never married.

reassured of my place, i woke up again. the frustration of unknowing buried beneath a sense of duty. what could it be this time? a subway train at Namba.

a boy across from me looked pale, down. "are you okay?" i asked in English.

he looked up, startled.

i asked, "you want to get a latte?"

on exchange from Texas, he just learned that his girlfriend committed suicide, and he didn't have enough money to fly home for the funeral.

he was trapped in Japan. i listened as he mourned. he thanked me and paid for my drink and left.

i found an empty house in an empty field. i filled it with fresh food for whoever might come. cakes, pastas, salads, salsas, soups, breads, cookies, mouse, and hot drinks at the ready and the table set, waiting.

i heard them approaching, eight bright travelers. hardened by the mountains, they welcomed me and my feast with hugs and songs.

and though i could hear them singing, i spent that night in the woods of Siberia with a man detached from his group. the extra body heat kept him just a hand's length from death's grip.

he called me his angel.

i shivered from the cold of the night to awake under the heat of the day. the sounds of swans protecting their ponds from playing dogs and the laughter of friends filled the air.

beneath all the joy that sounded there was a petite cry.

a little blond girl staggered from behind a tree.

"are you lost?" i asked her carefully.

she cried on, shaking her head up and down.

i took her hand and asked for her name.

we soon found her mother who thanked me with lunch and asked my advice on what to do about her boss.

when i next woke, it was amidst the dying once again. beds filled with sad men, missing limbs and minds broken beyond repair.

i sat by the bed of a dying man in his military hospital bed. no one else seemed to have the time for him anymore.

his name was simon. he went to war to look after his brother. but his brother ended up looking after him.

he asked me if he was going crazy and laughed when i told him that i already had.

he too called me his angel, and thanked me for holding his hand.

i took the bullet for a banker at an armed robbery. i convinced a waitress to serve a poor man his last meal without paying. i donated the pint of blood that saved a pregnant Somalia woman. i taught a young girl how to prepare a good cup of coffee to impress the British exchange student she liked. i made a man late for work on the day his office building was later hit by a terrorist in a plane. i answered the man when he asked me what numbers to play. but i never found out if he won.

Day 64

jack and ryan, reading the internet.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 63

dear Lilly,
i didn't expect you to eat the cookie
in one big bite.
but then again, you are fat.
love always,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 62

we went over to my mom and dad's for the afternoon (to do some laundry, hang out, and eat). my mom played around with my camera. this is the result:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 61

peanutbutter and jelly COOKIES!

peanutbutter cookies topped with strawberry ruhbarb and black cherry jam ♥

last night

last night i dreamt about the old house, a plot to have us contained, to hide our love, germans and russians working together, the time loop, we changed them, i ruined everything, josh was in the closet, maggie playing games, attracking students, how many people were allowed at each table type, bear talking about dinos...aurs' mating habits, eating water filled flowers, fruits, flying off cliffs, landing in waterfalls, josh still in the closet, and the count tattooed my arm with flowers that burned.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 60

my mom's corgi, pippin. i like to make fun of him. tell him i'm stealing his soul when i take his picture. i think he's stopped believing me. at least i hope he has.

Day 59

alli and her pink mouse =^___^=

memories like dreams, she says

her memories remembered her
like nightmares in a strange bed

abundant, persistent and yet
so easily forgotten

when the arms of a strong love
surround her and assure her

the nightmares aren't real
she'll wake up any moment now

ode to a tragic rabbit

once there was a rabbit

she liked to hop and jump
and nibble on veggies

but she had trouble
with all of these activities

because she was a rabbit
trapped inside the body

of a skinny grey kitten.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


green angled her eyes down
to view the man who

from below the raised plank
offered her a crystal glass

her eyes swallowed him up and down
a crisp out-lined frame

a black suit, like all the rest
wafting to and fro for centuries

delineating over spectacles
women in resistance movements

and synthetic fabrics arranged
by other men in the same black suits

Day 58

valentine's card preview

every year we get a lot of christmas cards, but neither ryan nor i have enough time (nor money) to send out 50 odd christmas cards. so i decided after our first christmas together that instead of fretting over christmas cards, i'd make valentines for everyone that wished us a merry holiday.

this will be my fifth batch of valentines cards ^_____^♥

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 57

how i spend my holiday
with a detective, angels
and an oddball poet

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 56

there was an accident this morning
involving lots of bits of happy kitty food

ryan and i were sat happily in the living room
when all of a sudden we hear a crash

and the splattering of lots
of little bits of kitten food

ryan went to look and who but jack was sat
trying as he might to clear up all the mess

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Day 55

rowdy loves his squirrely
because his squirrely is filled
with happy grass

Friday, January 08, 2010

Day 54

another flashback...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Day 53

here's a recycled picture from our recent new york trip.

i need to start taking pictures outside of the house. camera is coming out with me from now on... if i remember.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 52

jack and alli in lullaby land

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 50 & 51

it's cold and gray outside

but you can still buy a little bit of spring

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 47, 48 and 49 - Take Two

Day 47 - Doctor Who eee ooooooooh

dear friend Maggie got me this AWESOME 3rd Doctor figure -- which includes old school sonic screw driver and three Green Death maggots!!!!! The Green Death is my all time favorite doctor who adventure. i've seen it at least 4 times, which is more than i've watched any other classic doctor who adventures.

Day 48 - Cookies and Muffins

to find out what these pictures are of, check out this previous post about my weekend of baking experiments.

Day 49 - Old School Dew

last night before heading out to brewster for some mma matt, erin and i found some treasures at stop and shop

shell to toe

we rustled through rusty nails
seeking out unnecessary luxuries

to trade at snow covered posts
by the ice hardened hands of miners

spending their lives with quartz
and broad shouldered women

working until death or Sunday night
spent drinking hot beer

at hand carved bars in the south end
of the conifer forests of the north

but all we could find was burlap
and a small pile of turtle bones

Day 47, 48 and 49 - Happy New Year!

thursday night, the last night of 2009, ryan and i visited some friends not too far from home. we ate, watched tv and laughed with friends.

i didn't bring the camera.

friday night, the first night of 2010, ryan and i were visited by a gaggle of good friends to watch david tennant's last performance of the Doctor. i baked--naturally--spicy chocolate chip cookies and tried my hand at lemon melt aways (which came out alright, but i think i have some tweeking to do with the flavor proportions).

i didn't take any pictures.

saturday morning i made orange, honey and ricotta muffins for breakfast for some friends.

i didn't take any pictures. aaah.

last night, saturday night, ryan, matt, erin and i drove in the snow and wind to brewster in order to watch UFC 108 with some lovely friends. dogs and kitties galore.

and i didn't even think to bring the camera.

today, so far, we're just sitting around. erin and i are watching man vs wild while matt sleeps and ryan makes videos of some game he's been playing. friends are coming over to hang out, watch top gear and maybe have some dinner with us.

i'll take some pictures then.