Saturday, December 30, 2006

couple's dream

we continue to dream
in a network of small blankets

that fail in regular rotation
to hid the odd pair of feet -

the two lefts - hanging
over the edge of the queen bed.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

girl's dream

she imagined how he'd imagined her
in a sweater and neon band-aids

trying to picture the landscape
in wool and plastic and cogs

and tried to see past the horizon
where he said the river lay

where he saw her in his own eyes
and fell in love with her

but her dreams are not compatible
and she did not see herself

but her mother and her grandmother
in the place of the plastic water

his heart stitched back in wool
and knots throbbed in pain

she wanted to believe him
and dream in his beautiful way

but she could not believe in his fantasy
or swim across his plastic river

so she asked him if they couldn't be
together under a real life tree

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

boy's dream

let me take you, he said
softly, whispering sweetly

a gentle boy with messy hair
and electric shoes on both feet

to the place
where my dreams often go

so i can show you the river
where i saw you

in my own reflection
before we met

so you can believe me
and love me then

he held his heart
bleeding and pink in his hand

he held it out to me
to take and keep

he said, keep it,
it's yours

if you don't want it
then neither do i

i put it back inside him
and took his cleaner hand

show me your reflection
and then i will decide

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

crunchy christmas blessings

so i'm sitting here, filling out a couple happy crimbo cards
when all of a sudden
i look over at max
to see him chewing on a little green christmas light!!!
now, they must be plastic, right?
he wasn't bleeding or anything,
and he was totally after having another one once that one went down.
he's part demon i think.
what cat eats chrismas lights!?!

gomez video

not christmassy, but ryan and i did spend christmas in england last year. we stayed in manchester for a few days before heading to derby to see his family. it's a lovely city.
i sort of wish we were going again this year... but i'm also glad we're getting to spend time with my family this holiday.

and, it's a cute video.

Friday, December 15, 2006

max says:

C v’-;

Monday, December 11, 2006

bring on the holiday spirit

i dare you. pogues and all.

above: one of, if not *the* best holiday song of all time ever.
and... i love kristy mccoll to pieces!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


new post/poem on {pilot-eye}
click on title above for enjoyment

max's new doo

he had a long visit with the vet this friday gone past. they had to give him some drugs intravenously and had to put him asleep to do so. what they also had to do was give him this new hair cut...

poor little fella looks completely pathetic.

the good news is, max is doing great. he's into the whole catnip scene and has been playing and meowing and jumping and doing all sorts of max things ^_^ so even though he looks a bit silly, we're very very happy with how he's doing.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


craig's been posting all sorts of videos on his blog. i'm a copy cat. and i am liking nizlopi lots (they did the jcb song). and so here's something "extraordinary"...

she comes to me
un-inordinate and simple

a present

and though i least suspected her then
i welcomed her and kept her openly

(i'm supposed to be writing a paper, not poems. erg.)

broken twig

our mind branches out

pigeons on separate journeys
to the same location

the flesh on our chests
dissimilar in shape -
in volume -
but dedicated to the same want

for that touching moment
when it's okay this time
to erect a nipple
or make lips bleed fresh blood

this is all for the wanting
the sucking and sticking and smelling

we just have different ways
of going about the asking

auntie katy

^_^ my sister is gonna be a mommy!
which means i'm gonna be an auntie ^_^

brown thumbs

when i water flowers in real life
they don't spring back to life in an instant,

but in video games
they do.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

subject: cement smelling

there is Portuguese on the white-board
that reads 'i do not speak Portuguese'
and a piano in the center of the room

chairs and stands surrounding it and me

and so i hide in the pit

for a while - accidentally
scratching the cut on my shin

in this moment i bleed and cradle the scab
like an orphan would on the cushion of my ring-finger

where the nail has grown too long

now, in the same color as Portuguese
i write 'marie survived john's death in Portuguese'

and fail better at playing the halloween theme
on the sullen piano in the cement room

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

swarm with me

experimental gameplay project is a remarkable website with lots of downloadable (.exe type files) and easy to enjoy game projects such as the swarm.

what's so magnificent about the swarm is that a)you get to swoop little people up into the air and watch them splat - this provokes a primal sense of gratification and b) the music is lovely, soothing, ahh.

perfect for a quick play, especially when feeling stressed.

if you click on the image, it should prompt you to download the exe file, once this is downloaded you're ready to run and play!

eXperimental gameplay's the Swarm - click to download!

168.0 is my top splatter velocity. what's yours?

Saturday, December 02, 2006


i resort to mine -
a cup of tea and leonard cohen
____on the

and off agian -
happy birthday Ashraf!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

bah humbug already?

it's december. which, it seems, most people interpret as "it's christmas".

december DOES NOT EQUAL christmas

am already feeling holiday pressure, and none of the holiday spirit. don't want to listen to carols, don't want to go shopping, don't want to rake the yard before it snows.

besides, december is full of holidays that come before chirstmas... like International Ashraf Day and My Mom's Birthday, and My Sister's Birthday and i think the corgi has his birthday this month too. oye, that's just the immediate family... my twin cousins celebrate their birth in december, so do two of my grandad's. why is jesus's birthday so special, eh? i don't even know him >__<

so in honor of december, but not christmas; here's something not at all christmassy in nature...

ah, yeah, you, shhhh. they don't need to know it was "christmas number one" last year on the brit charts.