Monday, April 10, 2006

four poems

my thunder fists:

this man was birthed by fire

a woman from water that falls from dark clouds
is it together that

they storm through


spider woman stole

and raised four corn children

under the purple canyon

our resolve, our journey:

ended at the foot of the red fox
an empty turtle shell
and the heart of a buffalo beating
in our naked hands


the hurt of a loon on clean water
echoing through our footsteps

the bear leaves no fish for us

on the shore is bird and fox
they linger together

the fox knows fire
the bird knows water

we are hungry

but we are not foolish


B Boutwell said...

Katy. I like the last two. I like the last one especially.

Bryan Coffelt said...

i like these. short poems are always fun to read. sometimes long poems bore me. for example: i had to force myself to read 'the waste land.'

also: you go to amherst right? do you know peter gizzie? he read here last night and i think he said he teaches there.