Sunday, April 02, 2006

defect in

he did not understand
why the birds did not sing
or why the sun rose later.

he did not understand
if the hands on the clock
read 8, then why
were they all acting
as if it were 7?

he did not understand.

his insides told him the time
but the birds were late.

he had learned the truth
that the birds are never wrong.

this contradiction worried him.

could he be wrong?
or was it the birds?
what defect was this?

a defect in time, perhaps?
he accepted this.

he was correct,
the birds were correct,
but time was all askew.

he let the birds wake him
for the rest of his warranty.


Girlcreeture said...


The birds totally know what's what. You reminded me that I wanted to write about the return of the Canadian geese.

They've been back now for the past couple of weeks, I see them every morning and evening to and from work which means Spring is here, it's gonna rain a whole lot for hopefully not a long time, and I need to slow down on Spot Pond Road because the bidies will be crossing back and forth, in pairs and soon enough with a whole caravan of fluffy little babies.

katy said...

giovanni the bunny is back, that's my springtime-o-meter.

birds do totally know what's what though, as the robot has proven.