Sunday, December 29, 2013

every day a little

Every day a little we learn
every day a little we grow
and change a little for the greater
the good in us is beckoned outward
every day a little more
our buds become blossoms
every day a little stronger
every day a little more

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

'Tober (for Daniella Bella)

it's a simple image
of a beautiful girl

sat on a deserted beach
cooled by autumn

and the relaxing sun
as it simmers against the Atlantic

the water goes on for ever
while cold sand occupies her finger tips

she watches the wolves
dive into the waves

as they crash and splash
against the shore

and the background
is made of purple

and pink and orange
and your heart is warm

because you see the girl
and she has peace in her heart

that she shares with the wolves
and with all the people she loves.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Octoberween Writing Challenge (issued by JMMBB)

1. Grave
the pull down of dirt
underfoot of
angelic monuments
to fellows and lasses
defeated by their pasts

2. Tree
a sturdy trunk
twisted and mangled
by eons of torture
by birds and small boys
wielding beaks
and swords cut out of lumber
from fallen foes
and fallen friends alike

3. Dusk
pink hues streak the horizon
as thick as gesso
on an approaching night canvas

4. Fog
you can hear your voice
echoed back from the bogs and mores
you know are resting wet and treacherous
beneath the malevolent carpet of grey

5. Rain
wetting your hair, your socks
through your shoes
and your spirit through layers of praise
and good chinese food

6. Moon
when she's full in the night sky
the local boys and their great grandfathers
pull their waiters up around their chests
and dig for razor clams in her basking glow
then shuck them for brunch the next day

7. Sun
even in the softness of autumn's light
she will burn the surface of the skin
as you carelessly wheel through wisps of leaves
admiring the crushing of acorns underfoot

8. Road
paved with dirt and leaves
and abandoned acorns
it will soon find itself a home
to candy wrappers and wasted pumpkin seeds

9. House
her heart is in the kitchen
pipping away the hot smoke
of pickling and jarring the harvest
filling the pantry
to last the winter like a squirrel
collecting and preparing
while a pie cools on a sill
under watchful eye of the neighborhood tom cat

10. River
here eyes scan the bottom
of the murky, green river
as she floats away
for the last time

11. Cloud
forming wide and dark
against the orange of changing foliage
it is ominous and filled with the promise
of heavy rain

12. Stars
the boys from the village watched
as each and every star in the sky
fell closer to earth
and jumped back away
in time with their bending knees
landing on the surface of a trampoline
they aren't allowed to be on at night

13. Letter
aged by rain and ragged
edges curled
the message has been stuck
between the sides of the mailbox
for two months now
and no one has noticed

14. Telephone
the land line doesn't ring anymore

15. Cellar
six of the neighborhood's finest misfits
between the ages of 5 and 12
meet in secret
in the cellar
of the abandoned house on broad street
where the floor is made of gravel
and beneath half a foot of wet dirt
they have discovered a secret collection
of cat bones and broken glass bottles

16. Neighbor
they call him
the Tall Man

17. Sleep
Sam doesn't sleep on nights
when the moon is full
he prefers to pretend
he is a werewolf
and sneaks off into the nearby woods
shooting small creatures
with the bow and arrows he stole
from camp two summers ago

18. Book
she used a few thick books
to prop up her hallowe'en decorations
not realizing that one of them
concealed the weapon
her husband used
to shoot the neighbor's dog

19. Silence
broken by the ticking
and tedious toking
of various clocks
in unfamiliar hallways
and landings
in unfamiliar houses
on streets
with unfamiliar names

20. Scream
stuck in her throat

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

the simple epic (for mclemon)

we have a cat named jack
who has a great gift
for looking comfortable
in any stance or position

sometimes jack falls asleep
while he is still sat up
or in the traditional
cat-loaf pose

when he falls asleep
he leans
and often
he falls over

and when he falls over
he stays asleep
and somehow manages
to look comfortable

in this accidental way

Monday, September 30, 2013

growing, pains. (for joshua with punctuation)

punctuation marks pains
growing inside like roots
of a foreign tree, seeded deep
within your gut

darkness beckons (for kam del toro)

the canvas is carved
with black paint
across a vast scape

trimmed with flakes
of luminous gold
and hope

in the shape of eyes
longing and desperate
for little touches

Saturday, September 28, 2013

the emerging self (for Nikki)

the planet is made of bubbles
we call them cells

easily smashed or torn apart
these bubbles are fragile

yet their beauty is so powerful
we cannot help but reach out

and each one is popped
until the end of the world

one bubble at a time
one life, blown up and thrown down

burst into vapor
that holds a little bit of our shape

as it disintegrates
into the ether

cackling beast (for the staring man)

chu maki, staring hamachi and
tempura kaibashira

with avocado and kappa

topped with unagi, dragon sauce,
orange and black tobiko, and spicy mayo

Friday, September 27, 2013

I Like This (for Beth)

quite Wednesday morning
warmed by a cup of tea

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Deepest Fear (for Jeff)

it rests there, deep, down
in the gut of my existence
penetrating every thought
perpetrating every inaction
lurking in the darkness
of a single person, stood
alone in the kitchen
barely dressed, bare feet
on the cold linoleum
at 2:37am on a Thursday
in a colder month
of any year
my deepest fear
is getting caught
drinking the last sip
of milk
from the jug

The Recurring Bout (for Jenni)

it only happened once
to me
but others suffered the same
soft symptoms
in succession of age
from oldest
to youngest
where no other factors
played a part in the chance
we all died
one after another
of nothing other
than willingness
to make space
for the next one
and over


Friday, September 13, 2013

it could go either way (5/100)

some days have a talent for bringing you down.  others are better at lifting you up.  and it's not all to do with the weather. 
it might be determined by the health of your cat.  if he gets sick in the hall way or curls up on your lap. 
if a show you like is cancelled or confirmed for another season.  or you find out that little dog you like is in another episode.
maybe someone you like ignores you.  maybe they don't.  bets are they don't know how important they are to you, at least not on that day.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

for two (4/100)

there are two fine English tea bags in the floral-decorated pot.  there are two china cups already splashed with skinny milk perched on the two matching saucers.  there are two little, silver spoons.  there are two lumps of sugar waiting to be dropped into hot breakfast tea.  there are two eggs in the frying pan.  there are two pieces of slightly over-done toast on two little white plates.  there are two forks and two butter knives resting on two napkins on the table in front of two chairs.  there is one salt shaker and one pepper mill between them all.

Monday, August 26, 2013

partiers' chant (3/100)

the lamps shook in their shades as dancers stomped their heavy feet in time with the truthful tune. the drums matching heartbeats and heartbeats matching drums. they all stomped in time and sang the lyrics loud and open. desperate to be heard and understood. they climbed up on chairs. men put their hands out to steady women as they ascended towards the table tops. the song escalates. they sweat a powerful sweat, valuable for its intent and purpose. a victorious night, this one. the passion ran from taps and strings, horns, drums and feet on tables and hearts on fire.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

Messiah, the Female Arabian Camel (2/100)

messiah, the female Arabian camel, mewed at the pink morning sun with discontent.  she lent down for a mouth full of dewy hay.  the air would dry quickly this morning.  she would be made to pass across more dunes.  her back clad with trinkets of gold, leather and paper. 
the merchant with her was short.  too short to reach her back unless she knelt for him to climb on.  messiah, the female Arabian camel, was wise enough never to kneel if the short merchant was near by.  so at least she could walk slowly without added weight across the desert.

blueberry hill (1/100)

the blueberry bushes were arranged in long rows up and down the hill protected by chicken-wire fence and blocky posts planted every 60 feet. each one measured out by the steps of the farm hand who limps the least just a few years back.  a few posts lilting now, after the barrages of rain and the consequential mudslides.  at least none of the turkeys got bogged down by the mud. 
they are happily unburying the fallen berries form under the new mud.  you can hear the females purring from just outside the barn house at the bottom of the hill.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the 3Day

Day 1

at 3:30am waiting for my ride...

With Kendal, Julie and Janice


Day 2

Looking fabulous all day in my floppy hat and fancy sunglasses...

Day 3

With Dan & Moose - my favorite cheerers...

Myself, Julie and Janice with our victory shirts...

Boston Strong Tired...

 Only one tiny blister, which gave me no bother...
The End

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

summer pie

the first step to making a perfect summer pie is picking the fruit.  you can buy the sugar if you're in the north.  but you must visit a farm for your best ingredients. eggs. milk.

the pastry takes time. the pastry is likely to fail you at first. the pastry takes practice, but you have it in you.  fold the butter.  flour the pin. roll. cut.

"no soggy bottoms," from mary berry, with love.

apply love and attention to detail, but don't use a ruler. you don't want it looking so good, no one wants to cut the first peice.

(drabble 28 out of 31)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

she keeps winning him

he woke up to the sound of morning commuters.  horns honking, pedestrians shouting.  a hammer or a wood pecker? he was shivering from a cold breeze. the window in the living room was wide open over the fire escape.  his hair was sticky from sweat.  his teeth felt fuzzy from all the cookies and cakes and coffee from the night before.  his knees were stiff from sleeping on a sofa. 

he felt old, dirty, cold and hungry. 

he wanted to go back in time, to before he lost everything.

but then the scent of café and toast won him over. 

(drabble 27 out of 31)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

the bake off

his shirt was hung to dry, and she insisted it would need to be ironed.  so he had no choice.  he had to stay.  but for this he was grateful.  he had nowhere else to go.

so he stayed.

and they spent the time it took for a fine linen shirt to dry in a small humid apartment by competing in the kitchen.  specifically, they held a two-person bake off.  he made chocolate chip cookies with ground espresso and a dash of cayenne.  she made zesty lemon madeleines. 

they agreed to a tie.  another competition would need to take place.

(drabble 26 out of 31)

Monday, June 03, 2013

hand washed

he watched carefully as the young woman thrust his fine linen shirt in and out of the sink basin.  she'd filled the sink with hot water and woolite to wash it. 

he watched her, gave her his full attention, ignoring the café between his hands.  the fine china warming to nearly unbearably hot in his hands. 

her knuckles grew redder with each dunk into the hot, soapy water. 

he held back the threat of tears and the lump in his throat. 

she rang the water out of the shirt and hung it up over a makeshift line in the lounge.

(drabble 25 out of 31)

Sunday, June 02, 2013

his last shirt

he watched a young woman remove his three hundred euro shirt from the grungy laundromat machine.  it was his last shirt.  he was paralyzed from saving it.  he watches as she unfurled it. the corners of her mouth turned down in a frown before she looked around, holding the shirt out in front of her.  paralyzed and embarrassed.  everything was falling apart. his marriage, his house, his job, and now his simple attempt to do laundry.  he knew he'd ruined his last good shirt. but he didn't know that the woman who held it was about to change his luck.

(drabble 24 out of 31)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

early morning news

dan woke up to the smell of bacon. irresistible. he rolled over on his pillow, still sleepy.  he read the clock and rubbed his eyes.  as he clobbered down the stairs in his dressing gown the scent of coffee accompanied him.  
sissy was there, slippers and hair pinned back with a spatula in her hand, frying mushrooms and eggs in the pan while the bacon cooked in the open oven.
"this is lovely, sweetie..."  he wrapped his arms around her from behind, "but it's only 5am..."
she turned around, smiled and spoke in the clearest possible speech, "dan, we're pregnant."

Sunday, May 26, 2013

a very true story

there is an orange cat. he is six years old and he lives in a house with two humans and two other cats. this house has a kitchen, which the humans built out of parts they bought from a store called ikea. there are many drawers. after many years of failed attempts, the orange cat has finally worked out exactly how much strength is required to pull a drawer open. he pulls the drawer open.  there are plastic forks and paper plates in the drawer. the orange cat opens the drawer, and then gets in.  and he sits there.  happily.


there were piles of them.  some covered in a shell of hard cardboard.  others glossy.  some stuffed.  some finished.  some unfinished.  some never started.  adventures. mysteries. love stories. paper clips hold places. folded ears mark favorite verses. the titles. the authors. the lonely and the popular. multiple volumes and missing parts. stains from tears and surprising rain storms. one wetted from a flood after a hurricane.  some with spines bent apart and broken.  some pristine, kept clean and new inside clear plastic. notes scribbled inside them. love and questions.  victories and defeats.  truth and lies.  intertwined by bards on pages. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the whale museum is a real place

there is a museum for kids. a museum for science. a museum for arts. a museum for performing arts. a museum for sculpture. a museum for the history of science. a museum for history of sculpture. a museum for planes. a museum for harps. a museum for Hollywood. a museum for communism and tetris. a museum for war. a museum for rugs. a museum for doctors. and a museum for trees. a museum for glass flowers. a museum for cookies. a museum for natives. a museum for paper. and a museum for whales. there is a museum for everything here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

pick up line

it was not the best way to meet a girl, to spill coffee all over her.  but it seemed to work for Leo.  this was the second time he'd mindlessly bumped into a women of his own age at the local café and spilt both his and her coffee between the two of them.  it created such a hot mess that all anyone could ever do was laugh and clean up.  those awkward little moments of dabbling napkins on stained blouses proved valuable for chatting up.  both times he'd caused the incident, and both times he'd left with a number.

whipped cream

she carefully scraped the edges of the stainless steel bowl with the long handled silver spoon, collecting every last delicious splatter of whipped cream.  she licked the spoon between turns around the inside of the bowl.  she savored every molecule.  she closed her eyes.  she licked her teeth.  nothing ever tasted so genuine. so true. so believable as this cream.  nothing added but air from a hand-held electric whisk.  it had been so long.  there had been nothing like it there.  it had been years since she tasted real cream.  there was no room for cows on the space station.

Friday, May 17, 2013

seemingly perfect

every house on main street has window boxes filled with various-colored pansies.  the mail boxes are hand painted.  the houses are numbered in predictable sequence. every lawn in raked and mowed regularly.  children play basketball or jump rope in the driveways.  well trained dogs sit happily on decks or under the bushes by front doors.  joggers use the sidewalks and wave hello to each other as they pass.  drivers stop their cars at each stop line, wait for passer-bys and proceed at the posted speed.  it all seems perfect.
but no one who lives on main street likes their neighbors.

Opossum Castle

the snow-capped mountain is named the Opossum Castle.  opossum means white beast in the native language of the valley.  some stories are told to children to frighten them; stories about half sized people who live in the castle on top of the mountain.  they are covered in beautiful white hair.  they hunt yeti and pray to shapes in the clouds.  they rule close to the sky, closer to the gods and spirits than any of the valley's most prestigious shamans. the mountain sits like a precious jewel in the crown of the mountain range.  this range that spans the continent. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

cloud chaser

sophie stole her neighbors dingy last Saturday, not out of spite for them, but out of necessity for the dingy.  the mountains obscured her view of a particular cloud that had been morphing from one animal to another to another to another. she had been watching it tell a story all morning.
she didn't anticipate how heavy the dingy would be to drag off the beach. 
by the time she got the boat in the water and herself in the boat, it was too late to realize she had no paddles, and the dingy was already adrift in the lake.

earl grey

at the dim little bar in town they are known not for their beer taps, their fine wine selection, or the top row of elaborate bottles filled with an array of sickeningly bright-colored liquids inside that turn the heart to a steely resolve over matters of marital strifes and bad business deals that no one ever orders.  they're not know for the bands that play every week night to drown out the sound of clanging and banging in the kitchen where they prepare unremarkable foods for unremarkable guests.
at the dim little bar in town, locals order the earl grey. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


i took the camera out into the garden today and took some pretty pictures of my bluebells, strawberry plants, the double take scarlet storm, and my flower box pansies.

Monday, May 13, 2013

the backgammon games

every sunday afternoon some elderly women and men set up their backgammon tables around the duck ponds in the park. they play for plastic coins. at the end of the day, the player with the most coins gets a free pint of larger from the local pub. then the coins are redistributed, the tables are folded up and put away into the trunks of small cars and the baskets of bikes. they will do the same again the following week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and so on, as long as the weather is good.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

the incident

to protect him from the storm, they allowed a horse into a local book store.  this was not the best idea.  not for the horse.  and certainly not for the book store. 

the horse, albeit happy to be out of the storm, was claustrophobic.  being caught in such fine quarters exacerbated his condition.  this lead to some rather unfortunate frothing and kicking.

the book store suffered from both the frothing and from the kicking.  the romance novels are, to this day, still not recovered from the incident.

in effect from that incident on, no horses are permitted into book stores.


muriel grew many vegetables on her farm, which lay between the north village and the lake lands.  she was best known for the quality of her beats, both red and gold.  chefs from villages near and far sought to buy her beats to present to diners in salads and as accompaniments to the fresh-water scallops and lamb shanks they liked to serve.  last year, muriel received an award for exceptional quality from the farmers' association for her beets.  she was very proud of her beets.  however, she wished someone would notice all the work she put in to growing turnips.

shapes in the clouds

yesterday morning ben woke up late, made himself a pot of coffee, and looked out over the lake.  he was surprised to see a row boat floating aimlessly on the water.  he could see no one in it.

curious, he set out in his own small boat towards the wayward vessel.  he hoped he would be able to bring it in and return it to whomever it belonged.

he did not expect to fall in love.

then, no one ever does.

ben especially did not expect to fall in love with the girl lying at the bottom of the boat.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Betty's Donut Cart

Norman and his wife Beatrice once owned a full-blown bakery.  they were younger then and had the energy to be up early and keep up with the demand of the village's bread needs.  the couple grew tired and successful, and so they sold their bakery to a new young couple who were eager and restless for work. Norman and Beatrice took some time off.  they visited other villages.  they spent time in the city.  but all that visiting made them homesick.  homesick for their kitchen, their ovens, clouds of bread flour. that's when they decided to open the donut cart. 

the grassy foothills

couples gather on the foothills at the shallow-rising base of the mountain range for picnics in the spring time. men bring their dogs there for leisurely hikes.  women bring their children there to let out some bottled energy - preserved over the long, white winter here.  artists line up along the edge of parking lots with easels and battery-powered radios that only pick up the national weather service and an off-shore pirate station.  poets fall asleep under blossoming trees. bees discover new flowers where last year's had withered.  a ranger watches over the flocking people.  watching out for that bear.   

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

louise in the library

light shines in through the front window of the City South Library in the early evening.  in summer, the light casts long boxes over shelves of unsorted books, returned by readers and waiting to be placed back in order.
keen-eyed passers by will notice the silhouette of a feline etched out of the bottom few boxes of light.  this is the shadow of a white cat with blue eyes.  she is nicknamed Louise.  she came to the library on a warm winter morning, the same warm winter morning before The Great Blizzard.
she has lived in the library ever since. 

Monday, May 06, 2013

extra extra

he pours himself a thermos of hot coffee and pulls an orange beany over his ears to keep warm.  before anyone else in the village wakes, he has to make his rounds, delivering black and white printed newspapers to every neighborhood home and apartment. 

the village paper is gratis.  it's free.  and everyone expects everyone else to read it.

he never reads it.  everyone assumes he does. sipping from his thermos of coffee as he throws copies out of his truck window. 

he leaves whole bundles of papers at the train station and in front of the three local cafes.


local gossip

the blond haired girl that works the espresso bar at the big-name-bookstore around the corner has six tattoos.  there's one she never shows anyone.  it's the one she warns boyfriends about.  and it's the reason she always wears one piece bathing suit. 
the blond haired girl that works the help desk at the big-name-bookstore around the corner doesn't have any tattoos.  she does have a strange birthmark on the back of her neck though.  she too always wears a one piece bathing suit.  i don't know the reason for this yet.

i only started working at the big-name-bookstore on Thursday. 

Saturday, May 04, 2013


bo is a black cat with no tail.  he had a tail once.  he can't remember what it felt like to have one. but truth be told, he tries not to think about it very often.  thinking about it just gets him down. and down is no good for a cat on the up and up.
 bo is new to the neighborhood.  he was chased away from the last place by a nasty clan of raccoons.  raccoons have no manners.  no etiquette.  no panache.  not in bo's opinion.  this new place has no raccoons.  only the occasional rafter of turkeys. 


Friday, May 03, 2013


every friday morning the empty lot behind the roller skating rink fills up with men and women driving big trucks, pulling stalls, filled with wares.  fresh baked bread.  vine ripened tomatoes.  cabbages in multiple colors from throughout the rainbow. honey from bees who only pollinate nut bearing trees. locally harvested olives, grapes, capers, oranges, figs, lemons and lavender. there is a man with fresh oysters. a women peddling thyme, dill, sage and chocolate mint. families of quail hunters proving their stock to the passing crowds. and occasionally there is a bearded man there with a box of kittens for sale. 

Thursday, May 02, 2013

star gazers

outside the bar three teenagers sit. the curb providing a foundation for both sport and reflection. skate boards rest, sullen, beside them. the smell of pizza lingering on their conversation. soda bottles half empty. their plastic bottoms scratched from the idle meditation. as they deliberate on the possibilities of places beyond the stars. they debate the truth of infinity. the infinity of nothingness. weather a "yes" is really a maybe or a reluctant agreement. tipsy dinners take big steps to avoid them. giggle. and then sigh.  because they remember what it was like to be hindered by so many possibilities.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


the end meal. dealt by a tired waitress in black. to a couple just beginning. over muscles sautéed in white wine and butter. crostini with roasted red pepper and young anchovies. sangria with peaches and raspberries. questions about professions over courses of small plates. an awkward smile. finished with a glimmer of splendor. with admiration for an older man. a younger woman. a Tuesday night at a tapas bar. olive pits collecting on a tiny side plate. questions piling up. does he have any tattoos?  does she drink café or tea? when will i find out? should i just ask?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Macaron Boot Camp

With Adelaide, Cat, and Sara (and Rowdy)...


We took this picture for Nicole (think great British bake-off). ♥
beautiful and delicious Lemon Zest and White Chocolate Rose macarons!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

boston, boston

on our way back
we saw

a bound land
where nightmares stop.

suggestions of love
obscure today.

we should have
helped everyone.

Been longing for the west coast lately, and seeing friend's pics of California makes me miss the good parts even more. Wish I could give it another shot - but rent is insane and pretty much impossible to pay on your own.

Anyone want to move to palm tree land with me?? :P (Liz Harrison)

Boston bound tomorrow if anyone wants to go for ride. Definitely a Lynwoods stop on the way back! (Michael Regan)
Hi Everyone, I went to the Jewel Box of Cape Cod today and Brian told me that I won!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me by liking my ring!! I won 450.00 gift certificate to the Jewel Box!!! Woo!! Hoo!! (Lorrie Roughan)
Anyone have any cool obscure film recommendations? I wanna get my mind blown again. (Jason Deehr)
If you have hulu plus, you should be watching Misfits. Right now. Thanks to Katy Acheson for the recommendation!(Deanna Mustachio)
Freaked the CRAP out of myself this morning! So, yesterday, I drew six "tick marks" on my left forearm - my Doctor Who friends know why. #impossibleastronaught day #counthesilence
This morning, when I got up and saw myself in the mirror, there were tick marks ON MY CHEST ... THAT I DON'T REMEMBER PUTTING THERE!!! Okay, sure, when the brain actually kicked in, I realized that the ink must have transferred in my sleep (presumably I was lying on my arm?), but there was that moment of, "WTF?! NO WAY...!"(Troy Pacelli)

I had a really great vacation but came home with a terrible cold. :( (Lauren Twombly)
Nearly done Joshua and looking forward to staring Judges.

Unrelated, but also in a much better place than yesterday. Here's to no nightmares in advance.(Caitlin Cloutier)

Anybody know why on the way to Boston I saw three buses from Rhode Island (touring style not school) and they had special written on their banner where they put where they are headed and two Rhode Island cruisers with their lights on on each end of them escorting them and two other state trooper SUVs in front as well as 4 more or so cruisers all from Rhode Island in single file?(Erin Fisk)
Can't wait to celebrate Momma Corley's bday tomorrow at Medieval Times (Maite Corley)
In pre-op, getting super nervous... (Emily Lagor)All this birthday love made my rainy day much brighter :) (Jessica Trufant)
My May is full of bass. (Glenjamin Washingmachine)
Does Ally Nolan need to know who the Ramones are? (Angela Nolan)
"I get very good results from feeding my lime tree with watered down urine…" Hmm, any other ideas? (Jonah Katz)

Friday, April 12, 2013

ten things i know to be true...

about jack.

1. jack likes to sleep in a USPS priority mail box.  it fits him perfectly.
2. jack prefers to be spoon fed his medicated wet cat food instead of eating if from the bowl.
3. jack purrs when you say his name.  if he was already purring before you said his name, he will purr louder.
4. jack does not like when his kitty-brother rowdy tries to clean him.
5. jack makes everything look comfortable, even the most ridiculous poses.
6. jack puts up with being picked up and kissed.
7. jack likes to sit on my lap.  and he likes to be picked up onto the sofa instead of jumping up himself.
8. jack stops to smell the flowers.  he really does.
9. jack's little feet twitch if his nose gets cold or wet.
10. jack snores the cutest snores.

crashing spirits

i am shaping beautiful hope
clearly closed and sometimes crazy.

but will you teach me respect for self
in the quake of others who are happy?

source: facebook status updates on April 12th, 2013
This WAS shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. Fuck! (doug frenza)
I'm happy. eh...what can I say. (Jason deehr)
Hannibal is an excellent show. I endorse it and hope others shall join me in watching it so that it shan't be cancelled. (john Michael bell)
hey tp people - is the snoqualmie falls hiking trail going to be closed this summer, or open finally? (karl lehtonen)
Note to self: stop arguing on twitter with people who are clearly unmedicated schizophrenics. (dave evans)
quantum quake (kevin drucas)
I got my aunt's number this week in Lebanon, but I don't have most on my numbers on it (ashraf Osman)
The respect with which we treat ourselves serves as the baseline for that which others give to us. (iliya yanamecho)
quite a nice start to the day
Lily slept till 7:00, got dressed and then we hurried to the bus (cos it was raining) but arrived 30 min too early at the bus stop by the nursery.. so decided to teach Lily how to jump in puddles.! (nadia hentze Knudsen)

I Love my life, its pretty cool :) Love you Moe, you drive me crazy sometimes, but your pretty cool too (donna simmons)
Thanks everyone, he's in good spirits as he goes to bed for the night, I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm gonna go to work tomorrow and pray I don't get a call on my cell 2 hours after I get there - fingers crossed - get better pop. (james beaton)
Anyone seeing the promotions for Hemlock Grove? Another stab at Twin Peaks genre? (angela Nolan)
When the Englishman who is crashing on your couch for two weeks cooks for the entire house and it's the best sauce you may have ever had ever #justthebritishthings #hashtagsmeannothingonfacebook (tina bowen)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

better tomorrow

i keep tomorrow sunny
filled with hanging the flower
warm and dirty hands

i am busy when allowed
sneezing at hungry matter
all for fun

i have helped tonight
kicked the fun in
epic, but still play

source: facebook status updates on April 11th, 2013
Chilly night here on the harbor in Provincetown! Temp is hanging at 40.2 degrees with a light breeze making it feel like 30's. (Jim Hughes)
If I keep sneezing, you're dead. (David Brooke)
The TARDIS & The FABULOUS Hair: could Dr. Who ever be female & WHO would play him/her?! (Chris Matthews)
Tooth drilled, but still with the ow. Hoping tomorrow brings a better, less-hissing-at-the-intake-of-air-filled day. (Dean Sasser)
I got accepted into big girl school. Rhode Island College here I come! (Emily Tullock)
I want to have the first gay marriage when it's allowed in Kansas. Taking applications for flower people and ringbears. (Jason Deehr)
parenting confession: a glass and a half of wine tonight have made me much more tolerant; aka I've been a lot more fun, akak 'better' mom. Of course they'd already washed their hands and were eating when it kicked in, so that helped. Dirty hungry kids are no fun no matter what. ;) (ellen b rogers)
It's sunny and warm and Shannon is in Berlin?! What?! (ana-maria bell)
It's a busy week for my facebook family . . . birthdays, engagements, epic vacations, all sorts of fun. :-D (bill kollas)

Monday, April 08, 2013


every season i go visit
to India
to Vegas
to Cape Cod
all shotgun guru and his miserable prophet
i leave people who pretend to be everything
i become everything
all of a sudden i pick the course
to the Balboa Islands
to the suburbs of Berlin
to Scotland again
source: facebook status updates on April 8th 2013
Did it become allergy season all of the sudden? (mike regan)
Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole. (Danielle DeSimone)
So Jenna Jameson and I like to vacation in the same areas. (Vegas and Balboa Island). Awkward, yes or no? (Nicole Beaudoin)
Back home on Cape Cod. Can't say I missed it, but it's good to be back. (Ben Hughes)
Of course Massachusetts decides to get a bit warmer just as I'm about to leave for Scotland again lol. Can't complain though, it's been a great visit, and on Thursday I get to see Ana-Maria Bell in Berlin! (Shannon Cocci)
Watching Kumare, a documentary about an indian dude who pretends to be a guru and tricks all these people into following him as a prophet, and theyre all miserable white people from the suburbs who believe everything. Embarassing. (Tristan Harrison)
Every once in a while I like to go to the vet and just BALL OUT. #baller (Spock Ayer)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

street drink

there goes the cowards.
they walk. kick. throw
 visual hate.

send your echo of wonder
with wisdom wearing a sign.

they discovered the joy of powerless cinnamon.

joys coated the season
with my favorite play ground.

deal over the day with noise.

source: facebook status updates on april 7th 2013
visual echo (kevin drucas)
yay -less than a few hours before I drink in all the wisdom of my favorite tv character... Sally Draper. (eben moore)
Discovered the joys of spit-roast pineapple coated in cinnamon at Bem Brasil! (Kerry Acheson Parker)
I'm way too excited for the season premiere of Mad Men tonight. (elise gilbert)
My throat really hurts. God damn I hate throat hurts. (Jason Deehr)
Yesterday I was going into work got off at Park street and there was a guy who was wearing a sign that said "Drones are for cowards" REALLY? WTF? You want more soilders going over there to DIE because you HATE DRONES? what is your deal A**HOLE! Since you dont like Drones how about we send your stupid A** over there to get shot you stupid F*** (peter Koch)
Starting my Sunday off with a dead car. Awesome. (nicki burns)
must collect the kids now for the day! I wonder what they have planned. Maybe we can play Star Wars. Which is simply-they are Jedi Knights, I am a powerless villain, they kick the crap out of me and throw me to the ground which is the Sarlacc Pit-and yes, I always make the Lando noise!! (jeff la carrubba)
Well there goes my Sunday... (maite Corley)
Ahhhh...A Morning walk with my favorite husband (susan forester loughlin)




Saturday, April 06, 2013

note the time

i like listening to the heat vents rattle
with the warm air pushing its way towards me
at 6:31 in the morning
on a cold, spring's Saturday.

if i could stay here for the day
absorbing the sun through the glass doors
and windows
with the cats laid out like ornaments...

but i would fall asleep.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

ten things i know to be true...

... about my dad.

1. my dad hates the song rock lobster by the b52s.  you can ask him why.
2. my dad is great at telling stories.  especially around camp fires.
3. my dad's idea of a camp fire is bigger and brighter than your idea of a camp fire.
4. my dad once arrested santa claus.
5. my dad once had to pull one of my classmates in elementary school out of a trash can at the museum of science in boston.  he was chaperoning a school trip.  i think that was the last time he ever volunteered to chaperon a trip for my class.
6. my dad used to build lego castles for my sister and i so we could play with (aka destroy) it.  i don't think he liked it though.
7. my dad would do anything he could to help me or my brother or sister.  and he does.
8. my dad likes mint lifesavers.
9. my dad took me to a Celtics game when i was too young to appreciate it.  i remember being so bored we ended up leaving.  i know he was disappointed, but going to the garden with my dad is still a vivid and brilliant memory.  thank you, dad!
10. my dad's homemade chili is still my favorite.  it's the best.  he's the best.

i know it's early for father's day, but I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately.  i love you, dad!

list format inspired by Sarah Kay's TEDtalks "If I should have a daughter..." viewable on or youtube

Tuesday, March 19, 2013