Monday, June 25, 2012


i ofter bare the weight of monday badly
in the afternoon, alone and pondering

a cup of tea answers none of the riddles
the open book puts to us, even as the pages turn

from the kitchen table i watch the weather
changing from bright blue and blustery

to thunder, lightning, rain and yard work
accumulating in piles of fallen branches

Friday, June 01, 2012

24 out of 31 s'not that bad, right?

so i managed 24 drabbles out of the 31 days in may.  considering i also baked over 600 macarons in may, hung out with my niece, have been working on getting my business financed, worked my other two jobs, maintained my weight, have run an average of 12 miles each week, and kept the house relatively tidy and clean... that's not bad at all.

a drabble a day in the month of may was a success.  i wrote more than last year too.  go me!