Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Macaron Boot Camp

With Adelaide, Cat, and Sara (and Rowdy)...


We took this picture for Nicole (think great British bake-off). ♥
beautiful and delicious Lemon Zest and White Chocolate Rose macarons!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

boston, boston

on our way back
we saw

a bound land
where nightmares stop.

suggestions of love
obscure today.

we should have
helped everyone.

Been longing for the west coast lately, and seeing friend's pics of California makes me miss the good parts even more. Wish I could give it another shot - but rent is insane and pretty much impossible to pay on your own.

Anyone want to move to palm tree land with me?? :P (Liz Harrison)

Boston bound tomorrow if anyone wants to go for ride. Definitely a Lynwoods stop on the way back! (Michael Regan)
Hi Everyone, I went to the Jewel Box of Cape Cod today and Brian told me that I won!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me by liking my ring!! I won 450.00 gift certificate to the Jewel Box!!! Woo!! Hoo!! (Lorrie Roughan)
Anyone have any cool obscure film recommendations? I wanna get my mind blown again. (Jason Deehr)
If you have hulu plus, you should be watching Misfits. Right now. Thanks to Katy Acheson for the recommendation!(Deanna Mustachio)
Freaked the CRAP out of myself this morning! So, yesterday, I drew six "tick marks" on my left forearm - my Doctor Who friends know why. #impossibleastronaught day #counthesilence
This morning, when I got up and saw myself in the mirror, there were tick marks ON MY CHEST ... THAT I DON'T REMEMBER PUTTING THERE!!! Okay, sure, when the brain actually kicked in, I realized that the ink must have transferred in my sleep (presumably I was lying on my arm?), but there was that moment of, "WTF?! NO WAY...!"(Troy Pacelli)

I had a really great vacation but came home with a terrible cold. :( (Lauren Twombly)
Nearly done Joshua and looking forward to staring Judges.

Unrelated, but also in a much better place than yesterday. Here's to no nightmares in advance.(Caitlin Cloutier)

Anybody know why on the way to Boston I saw three buses from Rhode Island (touring style not school) and they had special written on their banner where they put where they are headed and two Rhode Island cruisers with their lights on on each end of them escorting them and two other state trooper SUVs in front as well as 4 more or so cruisers all from Rhode Island in single file?(Erin Fisk)
Can't wait to celebrate Momma Corley's bday tomorrow at Medieval Times (Maite Corley)
In pre-op, getting super nervous... (Emily Lagor)All this birthday love made my rainy day much brighter :) (Jessica Trufant)
My May is full of bass. (Glenjamin Washingmachine)
Does Ally Nolan need to know who the Ramones are? (Angela Nolan)
"I get very good results from feeding my lime tree with watered down urine…" Hmm, any other ideas? (Jonah Katz)

Friday, April 12, 2013

ten things i know to be true...

about jack.

1. jack likes to sleep in a USPS priority mail box.  it fits him perfectly.
2. jack prefers to be spoon fed his medicated wet cat food instead of eating if from the bowl.
3. jack purrs when you say his name.  if he was already purring before you said his name, he will purr louder.
4. jack does not like when his kitty-brother rowdy tries to clean him.
5. jack makes everything look comfortable, even the most ridiculous poses.
6. jack puts up with being picked up and kissed.
7. jack likes to sit on my lap.  and he likes to be picked up onto the sofa instead of jumping up himself.
8. jack stops to smell the flowers.  he really does.
9. jack's little feet twitch if his nose gets cold or wet.
10. jack snores the cutest snores.

crashing spirits

i am shaping beautiful hope
clearly closed and sometimes crazy.

but will you teach me respect for self
in the quake of others who are happy?

source: facebook status updates on April 12th, 2013
This WAS shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. Fuck! (doug frenza)
I'm happy. eh...what can I say. (Jason deehr)
Hannibal is an excellent show. I endorse it and hope others shall join me in watching it so that it shan't be cancelled. (john Michael bell)
hey tp people - is the snoqualmie falls hiking trail going to be closed this summer, or open finally? (karl lehtonen)
Note to self: stop arguing on twitter with people who are clearly unmedicated schizophrenics. (dave evans)
quantum quake (kevin drucas)
I got my aunt's number this week in Lebanon, but I don't have most on my numbers on it (ashraf Osman)
The respect with which we treat ourselves serves as the baseline for that which others give to us. (iliya yanamecho)
quite a nice start to the day
Lily slept till 7:00, got dressed and then we hurried to the bus (cos it was raining) but arrived 30 min too early at the bus stop by the nursery.. so decided to teach Lily how to jump in puddles.! (nadia hentze Knudsen)

I Love my life, its pretty cool :) Love you Moe, you drive me crazy sometimes, but your pretty cool too (donna simmons)
Thanks everyone, he's in good spirits as he goes to bed for the night, I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm gonna go to work tomorrow and pray I don't get a call on my cell 2 hours after I get there - fingers crossed - get better pop. (james beaton)
Anyone seeing the promotions for Hemlock Grove? Another stab at Twin Peaks genre? (angela Nolan)
When the Englishman who is crashing on your couch for two weeks cooks for the entire house and it's the best sauce you may have ever had ever #justthebritishthings #hashtagsmeannothingonfacebook (tina bowen)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

better tomorrow

i keep tomorrow sunny
filled with hanging the flower
warm and dirty hands

i am busy when allowed
sneezing at hungry matter
all for fun

i have helped tonight
kicked the fun in
epic, but still play

source: facebook status updates on April 11th, 2013
Chilly night here on the harbor in Provincetown! Temp is hanging at 40.2 degrees with a light breeze making it feel like 30's. (Jim Hughes)
If I keep sneezing, you're dead. (David Brooke)
The TARDIS & The FABULOUS Hair: could Dr. Who ever be female & WHO would play him/her?! (Chris Matthews)
Tooth drilled, but still with the ow. Hoping tomorrow brings a better, less-hissing-at-the-intake-of-air-filled day. (Dean Sasser)
I got accepted into big girl school. Rhode Island College here I come! (Emily Tullock)
I want to have the first gay marriage when it's allowed in Kansas. Taking applications for flower people and ringbears. (Jason Deehr)
parenting confession: a glass and a half of wine tonight have made me much more tolerant; aka I've been a lot more fun, akak 'better' mom. Of course they'd already washed their hands and were eating when it kicked in, so that helped. Dirty hungry kids are no fun no matter what. ;) (ellen b rogers)
It's sunny and warm and Shannon is in Berlin?! What?! (ana-maria bell)
It's a busy week for my facebook family . . . birthdays, engagements, epic vacations, all sorts of fun. :-D (bill kollas)

Monday, April 08, 2013


every season i go visit
to India
to Vegas
to Cape Cod
all shotgun guru and his miserable prophet
i leave people who pretend to be everything
i become everything
all of a sudden i pick the course
to the Balboa Islands
to the suburbs of Berlin
to Scotland again
source: facebook status updates on April 8th 2013
Did it become allergy season all of the sudden? (mike regan)
Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole. (Danielle DeSimone)
So Jenna Jameson and I like to vacation in the same areas. (Vegas and Balboa Island). Awkward, yes or no? (Nicole Beaudoin)
Back home on Cape Cod. Can't say I missed it, but it's good to be back. (Ben Hughes)
Of course Massachusetts decides to get a bit warmer just as I'm about to leave for Scotland again lol. Can't complain though, it's been a great visit, and on Thursday I get to see Ana-Maria Bell in Berlin! (Shannon Cocci)
Watching Kumare, a documentary about an indian dude who pretends to be a guru and tricks all these people into following him as a prophet, and theyre all miserable white people from the suburbs who believe everything. Embarassing. (Tristan Harrison)
Every once in a while I like to go to the vet and just BALL OUT. #baller (Spock Ayer)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

street drink

there goes the cowards.
they walk. kick. throw
 visual hate.

send your echo of wonder
with wisdom wearing a sign.

they discovered the joy of powerless cinnamon.

joys coated the season
with my favorite play ground.

deal over the day with noise.

source: facebook status updates on april 7th 2013
visual echo (kevin drucas)
yay -less than a few hours before I drink in all the wisdom of my favorite tv character... Sally Draper. (eben moore)
Discovered the joys of spit-roast pineapple coated in cinnamon at Bem Brasil! (Kerry Acheson Parker)
I'm way too excited for the season premiere of Mad Men tonight. (elise gilbert)
My throat really hurts. God damn I hate throat hurts. (Jason Deehr)
Yesterday I was going into work got off at Park street and there was a guy who was wearing a sign that said "Drones are for cowards" REALLY? WTF? You want more soilders going over there to DIE because you HATE DRONES? what is your deal A**HOLE! Since you dont like Drones how about we send your stupid A** over there to get shot you stupid F*** (peter Koch)
Starting my Sunday off with a dead car. Awesome. (nicki burns)
must collect the kids now for the day! I wonder what they have planned. Maybe we can play Star Wars. Which is simply-they are Jedi Knights, I am a powerless villain, they kick the crap out of me and throw me to the ground which is the Sarlacc Pit-and yes, I always make the Lando noise!! (jeff la carrubba)
Well there goes my Sunday... (maite Corley)
Ahhhh...A Morning walk with my favorite husband (susan forester loughlin)




Saturday, April 06, 2013

note the time

i like listening to the heat vents rattle
with the warm air pushing its way towards me
at 6:31 in the morning
on a cold, spring's Saturday.

if i could stay here for the day
absorbing the sun through the glass doors
and windows
with the cats laid out like ornaments...

but i would fall asleep.