Tuesday, January 14, 2020


press past the crust
into the core of the earth

with your bare feet
on a mat made of soft pvc

that could kill a roaming sea turtle
in search of its dinner.

find your heart center
and imagine being as flexible

as the woman on your laptop screen
or having a room in your home

that had a wall as empty
or a floor as clean as her

made for youtube backdrop.
don't let your mind wander.

press your big toes
into the future

and try not to imagine
where exactly the opposite side

of the globe is and what kind of
sandwich you could make

with the stranger on the other side.
focus on breathing.

press your palms down
to the bottom of the water table

which you know isn't so deep
after last spring's flood

and breath in while you gently push
the cat off the mat

where your feet are supposed to go
and breath out while you give up

on moving the cat off the mat.
the cat is your heart center.

you found it. sit down
and pet it until it purrs

and the lady on your laptop
is in the savasana pose.

breath and press into your day.

Monday, January 13, 2020


day dreaming about the grocery store
about buying bread, jelly, and peanut butter
to keep in a desk drawer at my office
and wondering, would the jelly keep?