Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Drabble #18: Shortbread

short on butter again, the scone sat unfinished on her plate.  a wounded monk in the crossfire of desire and reality. 

she sat pouting, staring at the monstrosity of sweet bread like one might a snoring bedfellow.  not enough butter.  cheap.

overall, she decided, she preferred biscuits over bread.  savory or sweet, didn't much matter the kind of bread, there was hardly ever enough butter.  but biscuits came with built in buttery goodness.

shortbread, she thought, then. 

that is what she would have next time.  yes.  forget the scones and lack of butter.  she'd have a biscuit with her tea.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ten Reasons NOT to be Sad

I am sad today.  I have a reason to be.  But I also have a lot of reasons not to be sad...

Ryan - my amazing and wonderful husband and best friend

Rowdy - my amazing and wonderful and crazy (and secretly affectionate) feline friend

Jack - another amazing and wonderful bag of feline fur who fits himself into tiny boxes and somehow makes it look comfortable

Alli - yet another amazing and wonderful feline who likes to cuddle while we watch tv

the Bike my dad gave me - I finally went out this morning for a bike ride.  I only went out for 25 minutes, but it's in preparation to be able to ride the distance to work comfortably.

my New Watch - it's small and white and has big numbers and it's also water proof.  now I will be able to tell the time in my weight watchers meetings and on my runs and bike rides.

my Family - although there are occasional rough patches, everyone in my family and my husbands family are loving and caring

all my Jobs - I have three, and my own business, which means I work a lot, but it means Ryan and I are able to do more.  And I like everything I do.  I hope I can keep doing it all. 

Online Shopping - and My Husband for letting me get some summer clothes!

Netflix - because you can watch almost whatever you want these days

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drabble #17: Mercy

mercy grows in the dessert

between the grains of sand
too small to see with even a microscope

mercy grows in between the cracks

and splinters of old shingles
still clinging to the sheds after hurricanes

mercy grows in the heart of the man

who spent his weekend rescuing tiny kittens
after he saw one fall out of a tree

mercy grows in the front seat

of the family car where dad is sat
counting to ten for the tenth time today

mercy grows in.  and out.  and around

in unexpected patterns, just like ivy.
or mulch after a tornado.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Drabble #16: Juxtaposition


please don't be so sad. we are all the same.
we fix our selves against imagination and the selves of others.

squatting between look and touch, the smooth of the cool light blue on white with a matching saucer and the warmth of the tattered soft black fur around our paws.  the sweet insides of this one and the burning bitterness inside the other. 

we juxtapose our selves and each other.  the exterior calm against the coal fires burning inside.

we want to be the white porcelain tea cup, but we're really a big black bear.  and we are lost.