Friday, August 31, 2012

a poem for James

I've just had a little something put up on The Great British Bard-Off to break the bottle on my Poetry in September attempt.
The Great British Bard-Off is an accumulation of many poets' work all with the same theme.  Baking.  In particular, a BBC2 television program called The Great British Bake Off.  
Thanks to Jenni B. Baker (appropriately named), I was introduced to this blog and, thereafter, the show in association.
Lots of love to Charlotte for accepting my submission ^__^   

Poetry in September

needless to say, i haven't written much poetry lately.  to remedy this travisty, i am going to attempt to write a poem each day in September (which begins tomorrow!). 
i have toyed with the idea of taking a picture of the view from our brand new deck every day also, but that might get a little boring?  i could mix it up and try taking more interesting little pictures to go with my poems.  no promises on this front.  though, here's a tiny little sun-bleached crab claw for you...