Wednesday, March 28, 2007

moria volume 9 issue 2 &3 live

and i'm in it with amigo craig perez

check us out here!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

he is called Tequila

per ashraf ^_^

texas is a fun place

although remarkably flat, texas is a happy fun place for fun things.
don't we look like we're having fun?
(can't wait for more pictures, michelle!)

my husbee and i, along with the dread central crew, spent a gut-busting weekend of inadvertant fun and horror-themed happy moments in the big TX (where there are a lot of tacos) for the first ever FearFest.


in Piper's corner

for most of the FearFest convention i hung out at Roddy Piper's table trying to help out by making Rod feel, as Sean Clark put it, "like he has people". Rod is still not 100% but on the up and up. he's a super super star too, he didn't hang around with anyone and he didn't stay on the convention floor for more than an hour at a time. he's a super human though. and i mean that in every respect.

(more later)

kitty fridge pack!

rowdy looks especially special here

faced with

(now they are seeping () they are in my dreams)

he was my friend only but
not my only friend until later

dunny hunny

ashraf got me this warrior-like dunny figure in a blind box. he's super cool. he's in my pocket. i like him.

toys are awesome. ashraf, you are awesome.


more about this dunny

moria accepts us

craig peddled our first collaboration of translations around the e-zine scene. so, it's thanks to him that we're going to be appearing in moria. i'll let you know when it's up ^_^

thanks shimya!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


there are four kind of milk in the fridge,
but only one i'd put in my tea.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

kitteh sized bathtub

click on image to make larger

Saturday, March 17, 2007

the michelle mana special

picture by the exploding dog guy


i'm afraid there's some
bad news, sweety

your stomach is
no longer with us

if it would make
you feel better

we could have a

in the back yard
and bury it

next to the
dead goldfish

then we can try
to build you

a new one


the wrath of a small person
is bigger than you'd think

when she wants pancakes,
stay out of her way.


she makes it with her hands
and it has no eyes.

she names it bunny
but it looks like a rabbit.


long day grrrr
short day uurg

in a little pink coat
and big black hair

with keys to her desk
the boss messes it up

she would fire him
if not for the soy

that sooths her


care of exploding dog


if i bury you here
if i could

i would forget
the shape of your feet

and the way you look
smug at me


i could be your anchor
your emotional anchor


you hurt the ground one more time
and i'll...

you hurt me one more time
and i'll..

if i can't stop loving you
at least i can bury you here

if i could

where have i been?

everywhere but here.

i miss this place... but i don't have any poetry in me at the moment... haven't for... what? months?

maybe over the next week... since i have a few days off. but no promises. you might just get more pictures of rowdy and jack.

Friday, March 09, 2007

i drew a picture...

it happened last night...

rowdy knocked the plant over onto the shoes

those shoes look like potatoes with hair. like dragon potatoes with hair.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

hockey time

ryan and i went to see the boston bruins play the canadiENS last night with a group of people from ryan's work. the bruins won 3-1 *yay!*

there were a *ton* of canadians there all loud and red and shouty. they came down in bus loads from montreal to support their team in a make or break match-up. i felt for them, having sat on a bus for 7 hours to watch their team lose to the most chilled out sports fans i've ever come across (the bruins fans ohhed and aahhed but were relatively quiet, at least compared to the canadians and every british person to ever go to a football match (soccer) and my parents and me when i watch wrestling).

i don't usually watch hockey... i don't watch hockey ever. but, it got pretty exciting. and they broke out into quite a few brawls. lots of players got put into time out. it was something like 7 canadiENS and 3 bruins by the end of the game.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

sausage is sacred

jack the cat looks like a real sweetheart, doesn't he? so you wouldn't have guessed he'd gone mad over sausage...

the other night ryan made jambalya for dinner. rice, sausage, spices, etc. we'd eaten our fill and put the plate we'd been eating off together on the floor so that the kitties could have a sniff and have a bit of what was left if they liked.

jack got there first. he got a peice of sausage in his mouth... it was sticking out mostly (because he's a kitty and he's got a little mouth). rowdy approached, and all of a sudden jack takes a defensive stance. his but was in the air, his front legs set to pounce and his tail got all fluffy.

then we hear...

rowdy backs off. i would have too... if i wasn't so busy laughing.

jack *really* likes sausage. so much so that he doesn't want anyone else to ever have any ever.

eventually... after he was sure no one would follow him or else he'd bite their toes off, he rushed to the kitchen (we were eating in the living room) and chowed down on his sdelicious sausage.

a kitten's life

we got the kittens' paper work the other day and found out Rowdy's birthday, which is November 13th! we practically share a birthday. and Jack's birthday is still a mystery, but we're going to celebrate him in July, like, all July.
they had their first visit to the vet too, this week past. Rowdy's taken some medicine for his booger-mania sneeze-inducing infection. Jack's got a clean bill of health, but really dirty ears ^_^ enjoy the pictures!

rowdy's head in an empty glass of milk
jack in his favorite chair
jack refs the rowdy vs paper towel roll match up
jack is a sweetheart, but the fish don't think so

Friday, March 02, 2007

Yuckelbel's List

finding poets, we're hunting for a stone
the one that will save us from the touch

the silence can't take us back
the third or the west in the road

and a man, honest and lost in black
the vertigo of wars and shining

our warrior at the ark, beyond the empire
anticipates the falcon and the rain

source poem: from Russell's List