Wednesday, October 31, 2007

on The Bathos - readers wanted

hello you.

i'm looking for a few sets of eyes to read over the little collection i just whipped up and maybe give some constructive feedback. are you interested? leave a comment with your email address in and i'll send it to you, or email me at kaacheson [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

if i make any changes you suggest, i'll put you in an acknowledgements section before submitting it to any presses.

this is awesome

[click on the title "this is awesome" for pdf]

the Franken Monkey unleased (a halloween story)

when children are naughty
on halloween, the tiny zombie monkey
will rise from the dead.

his brain was removed
by an evil scientist, and the only way
Franken Monkey can feel better
is to stuff candy into his vacant head.

so the evil scientist lets him loose
on the bad little kids
who have lots of loot.

if those children are really
really bad
Franken Monkey might even drool in their ears!


[note: i have an atomic monkey here on my desk, just like the picture i have there, though i didn't take that picture for time saving purposes. it came from urban retro's site]

thank goodness, the turkeys are back

need to write.

last autumn was inspiring because of a certain band of turkeys. when there's more than two turkeys, what are they called? a pride? a band? a flock? a gaggle? anyway, last year this time was a poetic time for me because every day on my way to school in the morning i would see the turkeys on the side of the road chewin' up cigarette butts or grass or whatever it is those gorgeous ugly birds eat.

unfortunately, they haven't been around this year. now maybe i'm just remembering wrong, maybe they didn't come out until late October/early November, but i've been missing the scraggly bunch this year.

i've been looking out for them, but they're no where to be found.

skip from last year this time to the present. not that i've had a bad day all around, but it's been a ... trying day.

i had a decent tutoring session or two, ate nothing but candy (it is a holiday after all) and paid off some dept to the man. but i've been really stressing about my thesis and after spending about 3 hours talking to various people at length about my ideas and my work and future, i was feeling pretty low. i called ryan and rambled on for near enough an eternity about this and that and them and all to the point where he actually had to cut me off and remind me he was in the middle of some work.

so i'm driving home. not really upset, but not very bright either. no turkeys. i'm thinking, it would be great to see some birds about now. (i'm not even joking, that was the exact thought that ran through my head.) no turkeys.

i pull off the mid cape highway onto 130 on my way home and wouldn't you know... six.. yep SIX turkeys hanging out on the side of rt 130 in sandwich ^_^ and they looked pretty damn ugly too!

have had more than just candy to eat now, have hot tea in front of me, got some thesis work done and all thanks to the turkeys, i'm feeling pretty good about today.

now, time to party!! like a turkey!!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2007

poetry, publishing and blogs - what it means to be a poet on the internet

russell engages us in poetics conversation

this is a fabulous conversation, cherubs. if you haven't read into it yet, hop on over to Yuckelbel's Cannon and read the post he links to, read the comments on that post, read Russell's post on the matter, read the comments on Russell's post... then finally, add to it.

trust me, by the time you've read everything that's humming you'll have something to say... or you'll be writing your own blog post about it, furthering the conversation (and hopefully engaging new poets and talkers in the dialogue) like i am here.

the matter: professional poets. the question arose, what does it mean to be a professional poet?

never mind that. what does it mean to be a poet? that's a taxing question.

a poet: one who writes poetry. is this good enough? no, because then you get into the whole debacle of defining poetry. trust me i've tried this one, it isn't easy. in fact i sort of came to the conclusion that, like porn, you just know it when you see it.

a poet: one who calls him or her self so. a poet: me. a poet: russell. a poet: you.

we could go around in circles all day trying to figure out what makes a poet. i am a poet. the end. don't beat around the metaphysical bush, just admit to it, you are, otherwise you would not be reading this. promise.

so the real interesting issue here, for me, is how we, poets, share our work.

i made the analogy in russell's comment thread about the blogosphere being the new network of hipster cafes.

keats and wordsworth were the first of their kind. forget where i read it, but they made tea shops the place to be. today, poets make blogs the place to be.

but there's a problem, as russell notes, for poets who wish to gain recognition via publication online in order to someday find their name in print. publishers are beginning to deny poems that have already been published to blogs.

a catch 22
recently, whenever anyone has asked me how to get published, i tell them to start a blog.

all of my success in poetry publications to date are *directly* linked to my blog and the connections i've made with other blogging poets.

a collaboration i took part in with another blogger (someone i met through blogging) is being published before the end of this year--in print.

didi at mipo radio found me through my blog.

i was found by the editor of in our own words--a print anthology of poetry--via my blog.

we're all being included in the anthology of younger poets--another print anthology--because we blog.

and the lovely folks at the onion union found me through my blog.

it's interesting though... that publishers are beginning to realize, to notice the power of poetry blogs. look at the number of readers we share. hell, even if we're only reading each other, then some of us are getting more readers than some small presses.

i know that a hand full of people are going to see this post (and although they may not read it, they read the short poems i post, right ozy?).

maybe that's a problem for small presses though. blogs are easy. they're free. they're interactive. they're modern and they're everywhere.

the old argument that paper will stand the test of time holds true for me. paper is gorgeous. i LOVE print chappies and magazines and anthologies. nothing beats them.

but as a poet... what medium do you chose? or do you have to?

as magnificent as paper is... i build my micro-empire, built my name, on the web. on blog spot. thank you google.

i've even met one of my best friends through google's blogger.

so, as poets who blog... what do we think?

the real issue here... do we have to chose a format? or, how do we balance our worth in paper and continue to maintain a secure network of close, open minded poets whom we share our work with?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

on Bathos

hello ether. internet, how are you?

i just wanted to keep you both updated to the fact that i'm actually writing poetry right now. i'm just not posting it because it's a project that i hope to submit as a chap book to a few small presses. that is, if i write enough material and in a short enough time. wrote a bit today, maybe will write a bit more before bedtime.

it's called Bathos or possibly The Bathos of Nomos IF i can find proof that nomos is a real word (the only place i've seen it so far is wikipedia and we all know how reliable that source is...).

so, once submitted i might post a few bits. until then... i may be sticking to providing you with pretty songs via youtube inserts. ^_^ enjoy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

some surprise

here is a pretty song:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

two little poems and new glasses

i wrote these two little ditties in my spare minutes today...

a poem on 10/17/07

i demonstrate power
i never deny truth

my strength is honesty

i am beautiful
and my words carry me.

to tell the story
that begs to be told.

and, i'll try not to swear
too much.

(as if i were...)

another poem on 10/17/07

as i write
my penmanship
becomes less like
my sister's
and more like my


looksee. katy got new specs.

i know, i know. i'm a complete goofball. but if you think 5 pictures of me in the mirror is bad, you should see the 27 other ones on my facebook !!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


the weight of plush hearts and arrows
in a fancy metal elevator

we terminate on the eighth floor
across the hall from the dirty breakfast plates.

Monday, October 15, 2007

rock & shock weekend

had a pretty good time at r&s this weekend. a few little bumps, but i got to meet greg nicotero!!!! who is really nice and friendly and all the things you want a celeb to be.

also met the avellan twins who were in both grindhouse films. they were uber sweet, gave ryan and i a few free signed photos.

most notably, though, was hanging out with angela bettis and jimmy (see picture below) at the after-show parties.

and guess what!!! jimmy knows the doctor!!!

lots of thanks to for getting me into the show, and paul nomad for the free stuffs.

and also, a shout out to my peeps at they actually have a 'The Stuff' tee and they gave me some free buttons ^_^ you guys are awesome!

p.s. this is post number 666

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i don't think you're ready

another cool thing...

somethingKaty is now dedicated to introducing you to cool things that are too expensive to go buying on a whim... like these amazing mittens... both practical AND romantic!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[There She Is!!] and [Cake Dance]

you can view these videos at for better overall quality.


the way you see me. the way you feature me, a sign. the weight of your affections. the rhythm of heart beats against idiosyncratic heart beats. the sigh. the way you leave me, before you. the way you float, the surroundings. the way i see you, a mirror. the want of more, of lust. the resound. the rumble in my belly after sex. the wait for me, patiently. the way you elbow me. you smile at me. the way you love me. the way you hate me. the way you are me. harbor me. the way you want me. the way you struggle. the struggle for me. the way you wonder. the way you linger. the way we dance. the way we walk, synchronized. the way you give to me. and take from me. the way you parallel me. the opposing force

to my negative charge.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sunday, October 07, 2007

dear matt whitcome

how many years has it been
since i last thought of you?
seven or eight ? maybe more?

remember when you used to hang out
outside the drug store, next door to the karate school
and drink soda and swear with your friends?

too young to do too much harm then.

was that you in the passenger seat of the black grand cherokee?
you waved at me, smiled, as if you knew me,
but you don't know who i am tonight
or what i dream like in my sleep, or waking.

we have no idea about each other.

do we want to?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

the me fore

altruistic to a fault
and indecisive as hell

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

anyone have $54 to spare?

LOOK!!! it's Simmy the Scott duffel and i am wanting...

he's big, i wouldn't take him everywhere, but he would be the ULTIMATE in over-night bag awesomeness! and i wouldn't call him Simmy, i'd call him B-9 (like the vitamin, but also like K-9 the awesomest robot dog ever).


i can has one of these too? (for an additional $52).

is cute, no?