Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hash Browns for Breakfast!

step one: peel three small white potatoes (golden russet are better i'm told, but we have a bag of white taters to use up).

step two: cut in half and push the halves through the shredding blade on our super-super-heavy silver food processor.

step three: season with pepper.

step four: allow a cast iron skillet to heat up on medium/low heat with oil (we used ghee).

step five: evenly spread potatoes across bottom of the pan, season with salt.

step six: after approximately 5 minutes, check that the bottom of the hash brown is a crispy brown.

step seven: cut in four and flip.

step eight: cook for another 4 minutes.

step nine: EAT!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

join us

new want list

i've officially wanted these for 4 months now:

tokidoki wellies

need a new bag... and this is what i want to use for an extra large wallet in my future (biggish) bag:

recycled clutch by ecoist

also on the list are the following unspecified wants:
  • jeans
  • big happy purse/bag... maybe from sari bari?
  • new winter coat (purple?)
  • new bright colored hoodie
  • new shower curtain

the undertow

we agree; hurrican season presents
the perfect season
for parties on the beach,
for wet dresses and strong tides.

something new


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

to this

under braced waves frozen mid-fold
at the mouth of the canal

your suit sullied with grass
and mud and sap and blood

my dress torn provocatively
at the shoulder and hip

the ice from the waves burns
our bare feet and our breath

manifests in weak clouds of mist
after each passionate kiss

decided upon by a look
of mutual exhaustion

from the dragon slaughter
and failed escape attempts

this, this and this

pretty interests

trees can paint too

a pretty waste of time

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

watered down

we breached the gap in time
to watch the whales parade

like floating effigies of themselves
among dolphins and canoeing tourists

splashing as they waved
to women and children

in protective wet-weather clothing.

but our adventure began
the following eve

as our ship began to sink
under the weight of too many laughs

and empty soda cans
left from friends who've visited.

panic stricken we called them up
on cb radios and plastic walkie-talkies

to ask for advice
on our sinking ship

and in reply came the first song
of a baby whale to its mother

our tears added to the oncoming sea water
as we listened to the sweet song

that caused our boat to sink faster
but we gave in to the sea

and took up inhabitants
with the striped bass and green crabs.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

on a bird

we un-juxtapose nature and technology
to initiate some growth on science
with note pads and clip boards
and the kind of pens that work in space
beings the study of birds in back yards
their mating patterns, calls and feather loss
against the whining of a lawn mower
as its blades get caught in a vine

Sunday, August 02, 2009

good morning pop tart!

using this fine recipe from No Fear Entertaining, i decided to start the morning off with a little baking.

they came out quite little (about half the size of a normal pop tart) as a result of my willy nilly pizza cutter antics on the pie pastry, but you can make them any size or shape you fancy. and the dinosaur sprinkles really add to the appeal, i think; there are only two left a mere half hour out of the oven.

sleepy baker: