Thursday, September 27, 2007

i thouht he would

we met at parties
where he asked me out over a microphone
under the drum of a guitar and the resonance
of breaking glasses on tin hearts

we went lost together
through dimensions unseen, riding electrons
through scopes and curves and heavy backpacks
watching the lights on an atlas of the world
blink up at us with longing

dare i poetric, my tin heart wonders
which light is his
knowing he doesn't, couldn't possibly be missing me
any measure to match my own

in the form of complex conversations
and simple enthusiasm
a smile and a laugh over soup in styrofoam cups
and a matter of similar ages

yes, i do miss him

just in case anyone actually is interested...

i've started a new blog called writing at the center.

it's a digression on my thesis and internship research.

i guess i'm putting it out here because i have been dedicating myself to school to the point where i don't have the time or brain power to poetry.

sad, i know.

Friday, September 21, 2007

duke special is pretty on the inside

do you hai(na)ku?

need to write // write
__a new______// a new
____poem______// poem to need

want to meet // meet
__a regular___// a regular
_____habbit____// habbit to want

day three

the sweet tendrils of our kiss
_taper to a vanishing point
_and we're regular already.
the smell of your skin on the pillow
_is familiar and i know the pattern
_you brush your teeth in.


it's so easy to fall
into the lap of a character we know

we know so well, what he'll say
and want

to please him.

so we do.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Audry: the baby horse

at two bro's pizzaz and mejicano i have a regular monday night thing. she's my girl Candice (who I'm going to start calling Candy from now on, since i found out yesterday that that's her nickname among her amigas). anyway, Candy has two horses. one's called Charlie. the other, is called Luna. Luna, just 8 days ago now, popped out a brand new baby horse. i got to meet this brand new horse yesterday, and she is amazing.

the new baby horse is called Audry. she's super soft to touch and so sweet. i didn't get any pictures of her running around, but she jumped and leaped all awkward and baby-horse like.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

doz ur catz has their own biznuss cardz?

i dunt think so.

i don't write poetry and i'm a liar

his first wife on pilot.eye

you know how i don't write poetry any more...

but i like to give you something to taste anyway... taste this.

i am.

NeO Pepper Press and Me

i may or may not have announced this previously, but Craig Perez submitted our collaborative exercise to a few publications (picked up by two online zines). as a result, Neo Pepper Press are publishing Origami Shipwreck this autumn.

this is obviously very exciting. sorry if i actually did wait so long to make the announcement.

you can't order them yet, but i'll be sure to update you when the books are available.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

i can't wait

for beautiful katamari!!