Saturday, April 22, 2006

the voting has begun!! (& other news)

to cast your vote for poet laureate of the blogsphere, visit here. our friend ashraf is way in the lead at the moment; the man who thought he was finished with poetry >_<

go cast your votes, my darling poet friends, and be responsible for the someone who represents you.

and in other news, i dreamt all night that i was protecting ryan from nightmares about silent hill (we just saw the movie, which was !!!). you see, i wasn't even brave enough to have my own nightmares, i displaced them on my husband.

also, i have recieved about 10 replies to the q&a's already, so will probably put together the list wednesday or not long after that. how very exciting, no?

and lastly, time for katy to geek out... new dr who tonight!{*^$►&*@*&*░#^&#^δ%^@%%%%^&!!!!!


arch.memory said...

Dear, that's just an e-mail I sent to my friends when I went to vote for you and Ron (who never replied to my e-mail; no bitterness here) and I found out that I had no votes. But I thought it would just be ignored as usual... Well, there's still more than a week, and you still have to rouse your network!
Silent Hill looks scary; me no like scary. And I promise to work on my Q&A as soon as I send Wojtek to the airport... Hugs!

Girlcreeture said...

The new episode was f'awesome >__<

We just watched the confidential last night, what's with David Tennant looking like a member of the Stray Cats, toward the end? He's got mega cool rockabilly hair, all he needed was a stand up base.

And they were so SILLY in this episode, luv luv!

"I'm being rude again aren't I?"