Monday, June 29, 2015

happy loneliness (6/29 title by Emilie Noetzel)

watching your favorite reality tv show

dressing purely for comfort, screw fashion

eat the whole thing

with your hands

and laugh when you say "excuse me" out of habit.


Stolen from _fernbeds_

take the carcass of the thief
dismantled as it ever was

stolen from the nests of albatross
and plover for structure among weaker fibers

take the chance encounter
with the larger birds

to bring home the bones of a wasted life
that was coveted none the lesser

fore the value of any other
it is relative to the life and the one living it

but you can't explain that to the birds


just a bit of Jack


is the albatross a brave bird
or just a big one?

does it eat whatever it wants
or whatever it can find?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

it's june already??

no wait... june is almost over already!!

the boundary of envy

we cross the river again
murky with sludge
and banked by stagnant pools

the net cast is catching it all
the slime and filth
the lies and dead fish

to the other side
looking back we notice
our selves in different shapes

the eyes matching
the lips curling down
the reflections staring back

our time is over
to look back, now
we must press forward

to the valley
where wolves await
starving for meat

to the valley
where we will find
ever more and more

different versions of our selves
as we shed each layer
at each boundary

Friday, June 19, 2015


projects piling up, unfinished.
attentions thwarted, distracted.

this is a summary of me, of my work.
to detail it all would take too long, and I may never finish it.