Thursday, April 27, 2006

the 21st apocalypse

all the department stores have shut
on account of the emergency

the trash collectors are on strike

residents are fleeing their homes
like mice from sinking cruise liners

the clouds are turning black in the dim sky

ants are scurrying in mobs without order
and birds are flying in odd letter formations
(i saw a flock of sparrows flying in a G)

the chaos and tumult of a modern-day apocalypse
the end of the world

because someone has mistreated
their toaster for the last time

brought to you by machines with feelings


arch.memory said...
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arch.memory said...

Vote for Machines with Feelings!
(Typo above...)

Girlcreeture said...

Oh poor toaster!

katy said...

toaster gets revenge! bwa ha haha