Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a lineage of doctor who cakes

since ryan revealed all the wonderment of doctor who to me back in... 04? (was it really that long ago!?), i've been adventuring with doctor who icons and cakes. yep. tasty delicious cakes ^_^

liz and i recently bravely entered into a new area of caking - we made fondant icing!

before i unveil the latest creation, let me roll you through past cakes...

first, was the Dalek Cake

i made a chocolate swiss roll from scratch, which was very very messy, but also very very tasty.

then, the TARDIS Cake

Ryan had a TARDIS shaped cake for his 3rd or 4th birthday, and asked for a reprise of such a beloved cake for his 26th (i think it was 26th). Kerry, Ryan's sister, and I toiled a bit to get the thing standing, and it didn't taste too magnificent, but it looked great, and the cupcakes did taste good--we we made out in the end.

then there was the Slitheen Cake

which, as you can see, looks like crap. BUT, it tasted brilliant and everyone enjoyed the green-colored, lemon-flavored wonderment of its insides, so I guess that's a win on one front.

then, the Cyberman Cake

he was made mostly of frosting. and although most people ate the cake out from under the super thick layer of gray marshmallowy fondant, it did taste incredible and i'd say he looks pretty amazing too. double win.

now... what's next?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

some winter bard

startling though a joyous scene,
the sight of a sick man
dancing in the street

his feet caked in red mud
and bandaged stubs
where fingers should be

dancing and laughing
to the strumming and humming
of an old bard's song

the day before Christmas
amidst the shoppers and quarrelers
inspiring children and mothers

sewing the spirit's seed
through imaginary gardens
brought to life through the words

of a traveling bard with no name
and three children at his feet
chiming bells and trash can covers

Sunday, December 21, 2008

snow (to be continued)

first, there was no snow.

and then there was. (looks like we even got some paper snow...)

lots of snow.

Jack looks surprised at all the white stuff.

or maybe he was scared, seeing has how he ended up in ryan's lap ^_^ kawaii!

happy chrimstas

decorating the tree (part 3)

the first part of the decorations to go on the tree was the bow at the top, preceded by the red string at the top of the tree and the hook on the ceiling--a preventative measure to keep the tree and the computer safe from one another at all times.

Rowdy helped with the lights.

a little garland goes a long way.

Jack helped us make this really long paper chain.

pretty lights... but missing something...

cards and presents add the final touches ^_^

kitties' first tree (part 2)

i don't suspect anyone will find the need for commentary here...

oh crimbo tree (part 1)

we went to Hyannis Garden Center after I called a few places who told me they didn't have any more trees left. This place had plenty and at all sorts of prices. We picked out a medium tree ^_^

Here's Liz and I walking into the store to pay for the tree. I was so happy to get one finally. We'd all been so busy with work and school and stitches and all sorts, we had to wait until the 18th to finally get the tree.

The tree didn't exactly fit in the car, but we made it home just fine.

Liz and I did all the tree putting up, which Ryan did exactly what I'd asked him to: take pictures of everything.

Liz loves the smell of pine, how cute ^_^

It took a little jiggery pockery...

... but we got the tree standing pretty straight in the end.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


to pin point the problem,
just let her cry.

hold her with big arms.
keep her warm and close

until the fire is drowned,
doused out with reason.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

canadian pancakes

a fondly on the sofa, he
picked up at the airport

on his way home from the south.
so he chooses to catch her,

make her pancakes
while finishing the local brew

straight from the jug.

butter out, and syrup warming on the stove
along side the cooper bottomed pan

if he's going to make her breakfast
he's going to do it properly.

seduction is not an art,
it's a skill.

dear big little orange

dear big little orange cat,

two years old
and you still sleep

on my head at night,
slowly pushing

my head off the pillow
until i wake up, and reclaim it.

you've got a wet sniffer
and you're sneezing again

sleeping more because
of your kitty sized cold.

i am sick at home,
for the second day now

and i'm more inclined
to take you to the vet's

than i am
to take myself to the doctor's.

all my love, to my little bit orange monster,
get well soon