Saturday, September 26, 2009

matcha oreo pies

i felt inspired to use up some of the matcha in my cupboard so i took this recipe and made these: Matcha Woopie Pies with Oreo Cream Filling!

Friday, September 25, 2009

neatorama = new favorite website




have us
accept us
and worship us
with pursed lips


at the fall of an older god
a young lover bursts

the rampage of hungry fingers
and eyes that see through time

we grant this defeat and grovel
like school girls at your feet

holy and unsavory trickster
that this god has let us taste

the true divinity of sex
with bare and dirty hands

Dear Mr. Stewart Lee

Dear Mr. Stewart Lee,

I would like to dine with you.
Perhaps lunch on a mid-week day?
Any season will do.

We should go somewhere small,
Ethnic, yet chic.
Do you enjoy Thai food?

Yes, lunch on a weekday
at a comely Thai restaurant
would be lovely.

I would like to dine with you
and discuss the like and works
of the Romantics poet William Blake.

If you're interested too,
you can contact me via e-mail
to decide on the time and date.

Katy Acheson

p.s. You look better with hair.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


i have been writing a poem a week.

these poems of which i speak can be found at objects of imitation: a community blog of beautiful poets.

you could join. just write a poem in the comments section of one of the now four prompts available.

top 100?

i got a comment from someone at the Daily Reviewer saying i've received an award for being among the top 100 poetry blogs on the interwebs. i'm not sure what the site is, or how viewed or credible. and i'm too sick with flu-plague to go seeking out answers to these questions.

whether the award is credible or not, the fact that i received honors makes me suspect it as dubious on account of the fact that of all poets with blogs i took place. i have about 3 readers and have written all of 2 poems in the last month--whch hardly merits a top 100 award.

maybe though, i can take this as a little motivator to get back into blogging, pack into poeting.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

the feelings in

a warm hand on a cool back at 7am
is always better than an alarm clock