Thursday, July 14, 2005

the laundry matt princess

the laundry matt princess
works at folding sheets
into patterns and shapes
worthy of a king's linen closet.

Friday, July 08, 2005

not writing poetry is not easy

but i've got too much life fluttering around me all day that by the end of it i'm blasted with all this muck of words in swivels and swooshes. i can't make sense of it.

on top of life happening, my grandfather spent over 8 hours in intense surgery yesterday having cancer taken out of his cheek tissue. luckily they didn't have to remove any of the cheek bone.

and i go back to twin peaks in a few weeks, i'm jonesing for big fat ancient trees, blackberries and the most beautiful body of water the world ever let flow.

though i have one idea in my mind for a poem, as long as it gets is this...

a plump of rain fell on the robot's metal eyelid and he blinked

perhaps it'll grow
perhaps it'll stay just how it is