Saturday, April 15, 2006

[...go mindless for a day]

let me go mindless for a day
cartoons in pink and blue
why i insist on putting two dominos
in my tea

when there is milk involved

computer simulate my drowning
at the age of xena

then grace me with my final wish

we all want our favorite poets
molded into action figures
with removable clothes

let me play barbie again
use my imagination for greater lessers
pieces of mind and paint my toes

was inspired by bryan and my cup of luke warm tea. i would highly recommend you go have a gander at some of bryan's work. have been reading his NOO collection.

oh, and the fact of the matter is: i don't care about your weather.


arch.memory said...

Oh, that would be a hoot! Favorite poets figurines! Let me guess... Frank? LOL! I think I might go for the same (I'm afraid Mr. Strand is a tad old, and straight, for me). Besides, Frank has that ugly boy charm that is not repulsive; I find gorgeous people utterly revolting!

katy said...


naked frank o'hara dolls! oh happy day!