Friday, June 10, 2011

strawberry season is upon us

it's a bit deformed, a bit pale looking, but it is a strawberry nonetheless.  more picture updates to follow as we watch this little guy grow.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

compare and contrast

they sat. their feet poking out from under the blanket. they both have tanned feet, but his toes are hairy where hers are soft and ticklish. they chose the same favorite superhero as their favorite, but desire different powers were they to be given out. he wants to fly, she wants to breath under water.  breakfast is both their favorite meal of the day, but he takes his toast with coffee, and she with tea.  they both like butter, but one of them prefers it unsalted.  he wants a girl, she wants a boy.  but they both agree to wait.

the little red sofa

a big-eyed calico is curled up on the little red sofa with her head propped up on one of the checkered pillows as if she were a little person.  dreaming sweetly, her black and pink padded toes twitch and flick.  she is dreaming of discovering new planets made entirely of pretty colored ribbons and fluffy mice with ears that are easily torn off in play.  there are no other cats to compete for the ribbons, but there is a dog, barking and thundering towards her.  she runs, ribbons flowing freely behind her and under her paws as she runs away. 

Friday, June 03, 2011