Saturday, April 22, 2006

dirty laundry money

rummaging through her coach knock-off
searching for the kit;
a tube of strawberry lip gloss,
drosophila and lonely sequin
beside her g-string footwear -

and i watched this from the bathroom stall
beside her -

pushing aside the dirty laundry money
she made waiting tables


arch.memory said...

I usually don't say this about poems, but I want this to be longer. I think it's a great establishment of a character here, and I really would want to follow her further. I think you should try your hand at something narrative. If you want...

katy said...

you really think she works, then? i don't know if i could write more about her, but i will definatly give it a try. thanks arch ^_^

Bryan Coffelt said...

i agree. i think it should be longer. it has a very electric start and it just stops abruptly. SUSTAIN!