Thursday, March 28, 2013

ten things i know to be true...

... about my dad.

1. my dad hates the song rock lobster by the b52s.  you can ask him why.
2. my dad is great at telling stories.  especially around camp fires.
3. my dad's idea of a camp fire is bigger and brighter than your idea of a camp fire.
4. my dad once arrested santa claus.
5. my dad once had to pull one of my classmates in elementary school out of a trash can at the museum of science in boston.  he was chaperoning a school trip.  i think that was the last time he ever volunteered to chaperon a trip for my class.
6. my dad used to build lego castles for my sister and i so we could play with (aka destroy) it.  i don't think he liked it though.
7. my dad would do anything he could to help me or my brother or sister.  and he does.
8. my dad likes mint lifesavers.
9. my dad took me to a Celtics game when i was too young to appreciate it.  i remember being so bored we ended up leaving.  i know he was disappointed, but going to the garden with my dad is still a vivid and brilliant memory.  thank you, dad!
10. my dad's homemade chili is still my favorite.  it's the best.  he's the best.

i know it's early for father's day, but I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately.  i love you, dad!

list format inspired by Sarah Kay's TEDtalks "If I should have a daughter..." viewable on or youtube

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

terrarium terror update

so they aren't/weren't springtails.  i did a lot more reading up.  springtails spring, as in jump.  the little white specs i found don't/didn't.

with the help of a few friends on facebook though, i decided to drizzle my terrarium with garlic infused EVOO (no fresh garlic in the house at the moment), and there are considerably fewer little white specs moving around than there were an hour ago.

now i'm wondering if the olive oil is going to impact the plants...

terrarium terror - the first real learning experience

i went to go take lots of pretty pictures of my pretty terrariums.  it's not very bright in here, so i used flash with my lovely camera.  alas, it's a good thing i did because this is what i saw...
i got the creepy crawlies instantly.
so i looked online and suspect that these little lovelies are called springtails.  several websites suggested that these come from too much humidity.  so I've put the plants in front of the dehumidifier downstairs, but i suspect i am going to have to remake my terrariums.  the soil i used had been in a big bag in our basement - not the driest space ever.
on the shopping list: new soil, new plants.  on the to-do list: clean everything and dry everything out before replanting new terrariums.  but i will see if dehydration works first.
less bugs in the house would be good.  there are already enough as it is.

Friday, March 15, 2013

building my first terrarium

i decided that i want some new plants in the house, and have for a while been drawn to the idea of a terrarium; a small little eco system encased in glass.  so i plan on turning one or two of the glass vases or jars i have at home (and never use) into a little plant world.

i did a little research: 

and after looking at hundreds of beautiful pictures online, i have decided that 1) they aren't difficult to build, 2) they don't sound too hard to maintain and 3) even if i do completely mess it up, it doesn't cost much.

before work this morning i went to mahoney's garden center in falmouth and purchased some pebbles, charcoal, moss, and these five "itty bitty" plants...

i have uber mini figurines (a little swamp thing, an alien, and two ninja turtles) at home ready to traverse the mini landscape.  and i think we have potting soil at home already, but that's always something i can pick up at any grocery store this time of year. 

now all i need is some time at home to actually design and plant! 

Friday, March 01, 2013


he sat at a table, his back to space

he waited for the girl
who wrote the book

that held the secrets
of his past lives.

she entered with the captain.

the man at the table stood up,
shook her hand,
and offered to buy her tea.

he watched as she drank
from the small tea cup

and ate jammie dodgers.

he told her about his memories,
and about the book he thinks she wrote.

she did not reply.

frustrated he asked her,
"did you write the book or not?"

to which she stood up,
clearing the crumbs from her lap

and answered, "yes, hugh,
but i wrote it in another lifetime."

she left without looking back,
and she never said thank you

for the tea and biscuits.

A Love Poem Project part 19

We should have shoveled
In the middle of the night
Or sprinkled fresh salt on the deck
At the point we understood
When the white stuff wasn't going to stop

We might have saved outselves the huff and puff
With the daily grind
Paved in broad day light

Songs to Jonannes part III by Mina Loy from The Lost Lunar Baedeker

We might have coupled
In the bed-ridden monopoly of a moment
Or broken flesh with one another
At the profane communion table
Where wine is spill'd on promiscuous lips

We might have given birth to a butterfly
With the daily news
Printed in blood on its wings

A Love Poem Project part 18

Big scoop. Seed sale for farmers. How they lined up, pushed barrows
into farm town. Vroom, vroom. Such miracle growth is. Denim,
___ switchblades &

___ dirt: is life giving. It's funny how it rains but when we

were in it, right in it, we ran for cover. Did You? Or does you
only do toms & cucs? _____We want tasty vegetables to take

home this week with splendid prices.
Returning homeward. __ oh, yeah. Could be organic, should be a label
__ on each Round
__ to tell us. I'm living within my locavore

vegan mushroom ___ yet still smoke & covet the frito lays aisle.

house holds) by albert mobilio from me with animal towering

Big deal. Pillow sale for them. How they tied up, rode groovy
into Bitetown. Vroom, vroom. Such miracle love as. Notes,
___ Kickbaks, &

___ disturb: ing lubrication. It's funny now in retro but when we

were in it, right in it, we Felt squeezed. Did You? Or does you
only do luv & kisses? _____We got tasty tablets to take

upon this rock with sending sky.
Returning world. __ oh, yeah. Could be big, should a bowie
__ knife Round
__ us out. I'm living within my flaking

paintjob's room ___ yet still Clue & covet a Greyhound zone.

A Love Poem Project part 17

The first time we had breakfast together in a duvet
with white pillow cases, he leaned forward

and took my two hands in his hands and said,
I'm going to leave soon.  I want you to know that.

And I said, I think I do know.
And he said, What surprises me is that you don't.

And I said, I do.  And he said, What?
And I said, Know that you're going to leave.

And he said, No, I mean know that you are.

The Last Time by Marie Howe from What the Living Do

The last time we had dinner together in a restaurant
with white tablecloths, he leaned forward

and took my two hands in his hands and said,
I'm going to die soon.  I want you to know that.

And I said, I think I do know.
And he said, What surprises me is that you don't.

And I said, I do.  And he said, What?
And I said, Know that you're going to die.

And he said, No, I mean know that you are.

A Love Poem Project part 16

There are new breaks in New England.  Like the soilders
Each has fallen, against one another
Splintering in every way every time
a unique direction
And rubbing tightly past all of it
Fresh from the heavy winds
And the cruel New England storms.
The bow breaks, finds the ground
The ground caves.  Once someone
Put a car too close
And there for all to see, for all the children,
Every New Englander
saw tragedy. What I've seen
Is all I can bear: dead trees.

Product by George Oppen from Selected Poems

There is no beauty in New England like the boats.
Each itself, even the paint white
Dripping to each wave each time
At anchor, mast
And rigging tightly part of it
Fresh from the dry tools
And the dry New England hands.
The bow soars, finds the waves
The hull accepts  Once someone
Put a bowl afloat
And there for all to see, for all the children,
Even the New Englander
Was boatness. What I've seen
Is all I've found: myself.

A Love Poem Project part 15

I take myself a piece apart
beyond the light of worlds that to and fro,
But oh, the alienated hurt
Till someone finds me and takes me out.

'Tis pretty if the stars requiem
(Or so says i) than if they stare
I steal the night and transpire
under the starlight of a long day.

But so with all, from blades of grass
to the hide of a tree to Gobi fish,
So all must die to quell my heart
and I speak and tell you where to go.

Revelations by Robert Frost from New Enlarged Anthology of Robert Frost's Poems

We make ourselves a place apart
behind light words that tease and flout,
But oh, the agitated heart
Till someone find us really out.

'Tis pity if the case require
(Or so we say) that  in the end
We speak the literal to inspire
The understanding of a friend.

But so with all, from babes that play
At hide-and-seek to God afar,
So all who hide too well away
Must speak and tell us where they are.