Tuesday, October 21, 2008

to address

i want to address the absurdity
of a measurable pleasure

the length of your tongue
against the width of time

and what we use to cover it
when we're not active

in a winter worn room
stained mugs on dusty book jackets

follow the parade of mire
murk and muddle through literature

manuscripts a friend sent
in a big brown envelope

before a late birthday wish
to an artist in Manhattan

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Muwi the Amazing Lawn Mower

i want one

crocodile in my lunch

bento boxes are insane

people with far too many spare minutes.

and too cute to eat.

flicker source

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

waste not

and how.

MSN.com had an amazing article today... ten best ways to waste your time on the internet and some of them actually looked like checking out... (click on the images to go to the sites)

such as the failblog:

(click on the image to go to the site)

a website called "Stumble" which allows you to randomly discover (via stumbling) new and interesting sites you probably never would have heard of or seen before such as Iron Dog Studio's "Tater Titan":

and the third one i really liked was this... the spirograph amazingnessness. reminds me of this ridiculous spirographic pen thing i had when i was a kid. i remember using it to write letters to my cousin Molly oh so many years ago. the pen would spin by itself and draw these kinds of designs... spirograph here

Friday, October 03, 2008


for the want not more than a simple beauty
to life and a sweet love along the trim

the seams of birds flutter by the cat
humble on the window ledge

a pink cake and too few candles
with two friends whose families you don't know