Saturday, October 19, 2019


see a surge in
free wood after a storm

farm fresh chicken eggs
still five dollars

per dozen
out of the warm cooler

on the side
of a road

to get at

pull in to someone's
gravel driveway

and leave the engine running
leave the cash 

in a mason jar
the metal lid

cut and rusted
so once the money goes in

it doesn't come out
no making change

leave with four dozen


a silver sedan
parked in the eco lot

near the airport
goes unnoticed

into the third week
passed planned

keys packed in the luggage

unclaimed at security
with the name

of the recently 

printed in barcode
on a sticky

white label

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

cranberry harvest

the sun beam doesn't glisten
off one particular spot

not locked by coordinates
it rides the waves down each gap

in the growth of the cranberry bog
as the harvesters flood it