Friday, March 25, 2011

Darkling, I listen: 3/22 poem

you said
i wouldn’t feel
you leave

but i heard
the door slam
behind you

and i could
still feel
your thumbprint

on my cheek.


There were lines in your hands
red lines from your fingers to your neck
where you said you could feel still.

If you’d let me rub the line clean
you would wince from pain
but let me

as I run my fingers across your cheek
press my thumb against your cheekbone,
a red thumbprint

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

in it all

it isn't all
about us

in the shadows
of the late
night rain

a white cyotee
lurks for
his supper.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

double cut

the buds on my tongue
are scortched and bleeding
from the sharp words
i threw out at you
as you left without me

Monday, March 14, 2011

JM's Tumblr Poetry Challenge Day 2


If I could strike down time
I would but to see
the whites of your eyes
as they were a few moments ago.
Your hand cupped around your ear
fingers in your hair.
The colors of your eyes flashing forward
unseen by me
only the white
and the small crack of a smile.

from this distance
all i can see is your arm
waving from the top of the hill

while you wait for me
i struggle, left behind
by a moment in time

JM's Tumblr Poetry Challenge


To get my creative juices flowing again, I’m going to try to write a poem every day. The ones I like enough I will post here. Here is one such poem.

You awoke beside
the crushed things
their remnants intertwined
with the fibers of your blouse.

And splinters punctured your skin
drawing blood
while you cut
another slice of bread.

every day that JM posts a poem, I will reblog his poem and write one of my own in correspondence with his poem.

while you sleep
the cut thickens

leaving my heart
open and bleeding

until your eyes twitch
and you’re awake again