Monday, April 20, 2015

If I was everything you thought I was (4/29 title by Nicole McLemon)

everything I am, you know,
you thought you knew.

from pearls to pointe
with curls and curves

and minty fresh retorts
to your boring anecdotes

i am everything you know
and i am more

than you could ever imagine.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Lemon Wednesday (3/29 title by the staring man)

the stitch stings
like lemon juice
in a paper cut
on a cloudy Wednesday
when no one is in the mood
to give any sympathy
and spans the length
of my entirety

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Yeast. Bees? Geese. (2/29 title by Evan)

Part 1: Yeast.

... don't give my any of your
nano-brewery bullshit

it was made in a bathtub
wasn't it?

Part 2: Bees?

... those aren't sweaters, that's...
just the color of their fur.

... or whatever.  fuzz.  i don't
know what bees are made of, do i?

Part 3: Geese.

feathers and monocles.  right.
and nick frost is going to jump

right out of this whoopee pie
that is really some cake

in the shape of cookies
sandwiched around... stuff.

nothing to do with pie.

stop looking at me.

luscious frustration (1/29 title by Daniella)

the way your whole heart warms up
at the sight of him, making stupid faces

at a friendly stray cat
when he doesn't know you're watching.

fun, cute, you think you can do the same
so you make a stupid face at him

and the only reply is a scowl
when you know he can be just as dumb

and fun as you want him to be.

but stray cats get all the looks.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Poetry Month

I am not participating in any special poetry month projects.  That's not a very good reason why I shouldn't try to write more this month than my recent normal amount. 

Poetry forthcoming.