Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the complexities of being wife

i give names to each full basket of dirty laundry

_____of all that is blue

_____greenwich monster of brownin

_____lusty pants collected

i speak to an imaginary tv crew
while i dice four potatoes
imagining how rachel ray would do it

loving the sound of dried garlic in a glass bottle
rattling, trying to escape

i leave useless flyers in the mailbox
i leave it something to read
__________i consider this a generous gesture

i loose my breathe around the bog
then lie in the yard with my legs stretched skyward
for children in a passing bus to laugh about

i forget about the laundry until the last minute

but i have no problem with cleansing the bathrooms


Anonymous said...

Sounds kinda boring.

katy said...

kind of simple, was more what i was going for, but yeah.