Tuesday, February 27, 2007

te amo lucha libre

ryan and i are currently watching AAA and it is teh most freakin' awesomest thing on television ever. i love mexican wrestlers. they are completely mad. and they have "mini stars"!!!! we watched one of the mini luchadores break his neck (well, it looked like he broke his neck anyway).

here's some glorious pictures from the *official* aaa website

the smallest pro wrestler on the planet - Mascarita Sagrata!

skeleton knight person thing - La Parka!!

this guy is so good, he actually has his own mini version in the 'mini stars' section - Abismo Negro

how can you not love them after just seeing their pictures? imagine how much you'd like them if you actually saw them in action? will find youtubage later on... something for you to look forward to ^_^

chicken police

the chickens of vienna
wear their blues with pride

thank you youtube, for all the silly things.

Friday, February 23, 2007

movie meme

am wasting time here, because it's friday and i want to.

craig, yep, him again, tagged me with this meme.

the objective: to list my top 15 fav films in no particular order.

here it is:

1. slither
2. GMK (Godzilla, Mothera and KingGadora)
3. the fog (carpenter original with kurtis and atkins)
4. alien
5. clerks 2
6. goonies
7. day of the dead
8. the happiness of the katakuris
9. eraserhead
10. space mutiny (MST3K version)
11. shark attack 3: megaladon (!!!!!!!)
12. fong sai-yuk (I and II, 'cause his mom is awesome!)
13. phantasm (which one had the pink herse? 3?)
14. dellamorte dellamore
15. hitchhicker's guide to the galaxy

as for tagging... michelle, you up for a meme? ashraf? russell? glenn? kate? memes are fun. ^_^ see!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

the pinkerton bird song

this for a damsel
but forgiving the distress

for a motive
but the lack

of a blue feather
stitched to her side

in the wake
of green murder

and of a mother's final
ambition crushed

by the pinkerton bird
and a passing mail train

Sunday, February 18, 2007


craig and i have been translating since, oh, early november (i think the first actual translation happened for halloween). craig's been awesome about trying to get the translations out via online zines and such. the first success comes by way of a little press called zafusy. the poem is craig's 9(.24). like i told him, i'm proud of him. he's been doing all the leg work, so he deserves the spot and a pat on the back. he's a fabulous poet and fabulous person, so go check out his work!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

jack & rowdy

ryan and i went to a place just over the bridge (otherside of the cape cod canal) to look at some kitties. we'd both been feeling the want and need for a new friend, especially after losing maxerodenfoe (who we have back now, in his little cedar box, he had some orange bones). so we go to this place, a no-kill shelter (which means they never kill a cat because of an illness) and filled out an adoption application. these papers usually take 3-4 days to process--the idea is to make sure that the people adopting won't let the cats outside or have them de-clawed or do anything mean to them.

we thought we'd just go look at a few, see what they had for little kitties. we didn't have anything in mind really.

we saw one little guy in particular that we liked, but he needs a friend because he gets scared when he's left alone. there were two other kitties we liked, so we opted for two--whichever would be a better match for the little fella we liked most.

we left, went to subway for some lunch and got a call from the lady at the shelter about 20 minutes after we'd left to say that we'd been approved and that this one particular kitty with a sensitive eye (who we liked a lot) would make a good partner for the previously mentioned little guy.

we went home and got the house kitty-ready (food out, litter boxes filled, etc), picked up the carrier and made sure it was alright with ryan's parents that we get two kittens instead of the planned one and off we went back to the shelter.

the lady said that she knew from the moment we walked in that we'd be good for any of the cats and that she'd called her supervisor and told her that she didn't want to lose us and wanted us to have these two kitties (we'd told her all about max and his struggle, so she knew we'd do anything for our pets, and i think that was the most important attribute in a pet owner as far as this shelter was concerned). they were really nice people who really care about putting these saved cats in good homes where they will be safe and happy.

and so... i introduce to you jack and rowdy:

jack on the stairsjack (7mnths), with squidgy right eye (he needs medicine for it when it gets inflamed) and loves to be picked up and cuddledjack on the ledge

rowdy playing with the green mouse

and rowdy (5mnths), a little pudgy and a lot rowdy; doesn't like to be left alone and doesn't like to be carried around or held too much
rowdy exploring the bathroom

we've been having a good time getting to know them. they make me think of max a lot... they're both mostly orange... completely unplanned, but it's hard not to be reminded of max when i see them. they're so different and lovable. it's a happy place here again. oh, and i have three catfish too, who seem to be doing alright ^_^

Thursday, February 15, 2007

at the width

(and without concern)

some beauty at the pin-fold
or a subtle remark

at the dinner table
after the proliferates

have been served and banked
to us as the markers

of a function or code
or warrant for the return

of modernity and the birth
of annotated desire.

Monday, February 12, 2007

of my golden right

my heart around this golden charm
her affection, my pomegranate foundation

her superstitions protocol fastened
to my front, a beacon to her waving

of my golden age, to begin here
at the base of a twine knot at my back

where she pinched, the gentle touch
and my need to cry and laugh and purge.

thank you dina

Sunday, February 11, 2007

bottle caps, by ashraf
because when he couldn't write it, i stepped in.
he's done the same for me in this difficult moment.
thank you so much dear.


tribute, by danielle
thank you bella, for the picture and the comments.
for the smile your memories offered me.
you're a sweetheart.
a portrait of maxerodenfoe

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the legacy of maxerodenfoe

yep, the only not-quite-ten-months-old kitten with a legacy; that's our max.

max wants you to be happy when you remember him, if you remember him. we certainly will.

today, at 5pm, we brought our little orange kitten to the vet for his very last visit. he hissed and growled as usual. we told him before we went that he was allowed to put up a fight and that we'd be proud of him if he did. so he did. ryan has a brand new little cut on his left hand.

we also showed him the box that my dog denny lives in so he could see what he'll look like when he comes back home in a few days. as of tomorrow some one from an organization called Angel will come pick him up from the vet and he'll be cremated and stored in a nice little wooden box.

we're sad. there's a void on the sofa behind me where, if he were well enough, max would have been sat waiting to walk over the keyboard and bring up the internet explorer help window or make the search bar disappear. he was very skilled at computer ness. did i ever tell you about his google search for mining equipment? yeah. he opened the browser window himself and everything. of course, we couldn't afford the $97,000.00 water purifying pump he wanted.

we're sad, yes. but we're also (at least i am, i guess i shouldn't speak for ryan) happy. happy that we had the pleasure of knowing max. for his affection. and for being given the opportunity to add two awesome months to his way-too-short life. ryan said, and it might sound corny but it made me smile, how could a light that burned so brightly have lasted any longer?

that's our max. the brightest bulb on the tree. (not because he ate all the other bulbs either... although he did eat one....)

we're really going to miss him. my blog might even miss him. hardyf had told me, not too long ago in fact, that he felt as though max were sitting next to him at his computer because there are so many pictures of him up here. sorry if i bogged you down with them, but i was so proud to have him as a best friend for as long as i did. he kept me company on the days i spent home alone or even just the few hours between when i would get home from work and ryan. he was always around to chat with and full of fun and surprises.

hopefully, though, there will be a new addition to the acheson family home. his name will be Rowdy (after wrestler and legend Rowdy Roddy Piper--who had the same cancer as max, in fact, and was diagnosed within the same month--as a way of honoring max and a legend ryan and i are both rather fond up and hopefully meeting in march when we go to texas for a convention thing).

we don't know what rowdy will be like. we're not expecting anything of him either. ah, except we hope he's rowdy. ryan says he wants him to break stuff. all kittens break something. max chewed through ryan's $30 headset cable, for example.

so... this is max's last post. maybe not the last time you hear me go on about max (but i'm not going to do a whole post about the box max comes home in), because he's had that great an impact on both ryan and i.

but this is the last post with max in the tag i think.

with the most love i can offer, to maxerodenfoe, my sweet little orange demon, i love you, i'll miss you, but most of all i'll always remember you with a smile.


Monday, February 05, 2007

bad timing

it isn't as if i don't have enough on my mind at the moment... trying to learn 50 students' names, my freakin' phone's screen doesn't work so i can't do anything but answer it and dial old fashioned stylee (all my contacts are written on a piece of paper), and what with max as sick as he is...

as you can imagine, i'm a bit of a mess right now.

then, on top of all that, mr beeblebrox has to kick the proverbial bucket. we flushed him from the upstairs toilet because it's way too cold to go out and bury him next to wibble.

so now the fish tank is empty and the filter is off and it's too quiet here. i have no idea how i managed to lose one of the most hardy fish on the planet...

'tis not a good day in katy land.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

the lasting max

max and i had a sad visit with the vet on friday. instead of having his regular chemo treatment, he had some blood drawn and a new xray taken. his xray looks exactly the same as the one taken two and a half months earlier when he was first diagnosed with lymphoma--except for the fact that he's about twice the size now as he was then, incredibly enough.

the thought is, that, perhaps he had that other kind of cancer that's untreatable, since the spot in his chest is still there. if that's the case, then we're curious as to how he got as better as he did and so quickly.

the vet was choked up and near to tears when she told me that she wished she had some good news for me.

max is not taking any more medicine. he doesn't need to, because it's not working any more.

i asked the vet if he's in any pain. she assured me that, no, he is not. but as soon as he takes a turn from the worst... starts vomiting or gasping for breathe, then we need to take him in to have him put to rest.

i was told, "maybe weeks". i don't think he's going to last that long though... he's not had anything to eat or drink since yesterday morning when he shared some honey nut cheerios with me.

we knew when we started his treatment in late november that he would not last forever. i was hoping he'd have made it all the way through his treatment (another 12 weeks), but we weren't even certain the chemo would do anything for him.

in the end, we are so grateful for the 2 full, healthy, happy months we were able to add onto his too-short little life. if he makes it until feb 12th, he'll be a full ten months old.

no, we'll never get to see how big he would have gotten (i think he would have been a big cat, what with his loooong legs and looooonger tourso and tail, and those big ears and really big eyes). but other than that, ryan and i have been through so much with max. so many memorable moments and little life lessons... as many as any life time, as long or as short, could wish for.

he helped us build our kitchen over the summer. he ate strange things, and i will think of him every time i open a bottle of water. he, even now, is lying down a kitty arm's reach away from one of his many bottle caps. it's going to be really hard to pick them all up... i'm not sure what i'll do with them all.

for all of you who have been with max since we got him, since he was diagnosed... it's couple hundred times harder for us right now. but, we're okay.

max is sleeping, resting. he's pawing his bottle cap and watching my little brother play super mario on the tv. he's been following me to bed and then downstairs for the day. he even meowed once this morning.

... i guess the next post with max in the title will be the last...


Saturday, February 03, 2007

wish upon

i wish i could put this cd of pictures
___in the player in my car

and listen to what you look like.