Wednesday, April 26, 2006

am hoping to, one day, be the proud owner of this stupidly cool watch. i will keep you updated on the progress of this goal as it unfolds.

in the mean time, am going to go watch more dr who. want to know what the heck i'm taking about? start here.


Girlcreeture said...

Luv the watch! Tis Paul Frankie? I don't think I've seen that croc before.

And Wiki is the bomb. For a minute though, before I clicked the link, I was thinking "Katy you've just assigned about a month's worth of reading!" heh heh.

katy said...

yes, tis paul to the frank. the man. get this, the bird's name is "toothbrush" but i can't remember the other one's name...

and yes, ryan and i are still reading parts of the wiki entries. they are as comprehensive as anything. episode guides and all!!