Friday, April 28, 2006

the misguided ramblings of

am not one to go off on long tangential outbursts on my blog (i reserve that behavior for my emails to ashraf mostly). though, on occasion i feel the need (excuse me, the urge) to do so. so am.

in any case, this is my blog and i'll do whatever i please. this has never been a poetry-only blog and will never become one. in part because i don't *just* write poetry. i also write long-winded useless prose about doctor who (wherein i lose just about anyone i write to about it, except ryan who loses me instead).

for all of you who did not follow the doctor who link in my previous not-a-poem post probably never will. you defiantly won't if you read michelle's comment about having assigned months worth of reading. so here i present to you and as-short-as-you're-ever-gonna-get-it version of the answer to "what is doctor who?":

doctor who is a british tv show staring a time and space traveling time lord (alien) who refers to himself as "the doctor" (hence the show's name) whose space ship looks like a 1950's british police box known to the knowing as the TARDIS. he travels with one, two and sometimes even three 'companions' who help him on his journeys through time and space saving this world or the other from universal evils.

now, why is doctor who so important? because it's very first episode was meant to air on november 22nd 1963. recognize the date? it's the day jfk was assassinated. the show was postponed one week. yes, you heard me right. doctor who is 43 years old!! the longest running tv show in the history of all history.

how'd they manage that, then? actors get old and rot and die like normal people, don't they? yes, but here's the key element to the show... it's SCIENCE FICTION. meaning, the doctor is an alien who can be and is played by all of 10 different actors to date (william h, patrick t, john p, tom b, peter d, colin b, sly m, paul m, chris e, and now david t).

interested in catching up on all the doctor and friends have to offer? borders seem to have the biggest selection of dvds, but be warned, it'll take you approximately 43 years to catch up on the episodes/adventures aired on tv. then there are the radio-plays, novelizations and picture-adventures (like comics but with real slides of the characters from lost adventures)... and guess what? there's a spin-off show now too! [personal aside: (i can't believe the guy from shark attach 3 has his own tv show)]

since the new series of doctor who aired in the spring of 2005, ryan and i have been watching the new series like it's our religion (staying in saturday nights for 13 weeks in a row in hopes that our diety (the internet) will be all giving and moving in order for us to watch the show as soon as electronically possible) meanwhile watching countless episodes/adventures of the old series. as of yet, i have only seen all the adventures of only 3 of the 10 doctors (including paul who played the doctor in the bbc american made-for-tv movie).

all that, just in case you were wondering, is what i am doing with my life at the moment. in very exciting news that you won't give two hoots about; I GET TO MEET SARGENT BENTON!!!!! and if i get the nerve up enough, am totally going to ask him to dance with me at the ball ^_^ (that's right, doctor who convention and a ball. because doctor who fans know how to do it up, mo fo.

onto my next topic. the other thing i am doing with my life is eating ice cream. no, not like, excessively. with the spring on cape cod, with the daffodils blossoming on the edge of every windy road, also comes the opening of ice cream parlors. ryan and my favorite place to stop in and get a scoop is called the polar cave. why it is our favorite: 1. the ice cream is from bliss dairy which use lots and lots of cream in their ice cream which makes it extra delicious 2. they make waffle cones to order 3. mark, the owner and patron, is a brit 4. his daughter kelsey is like 8 and runs the register 5. it's overall just an adorable and pink happy place. am secretly (it's not a secret any more is it?) hoping that we'll be going there this weekend at some point (ryan?).

and in order to work off all that ice cream, i have started running/jogging/walkingwithalimbbecausethere'sastitchinmysidefrom-tryinglikeafooltorunupareallysteephill again. have been hauling buns for 30 to 45 minutes the past two days, hopefully i can keep it up. while hauling (let's just call it that, because it sounds like a lot of work, which it is when you've been a doctor who flavored coach potato for the past 8 months) i've been listening to ryan's psp which hosts an array of david bowie, blonie, andrew w.k., and other misc music. have discovered today that my absolute favorite david bowie song is miracle goodnight (which i would link here but don't have the energy or know-how, as in, i am not that clever so ask me and i will email it to you or something). this is the epitomy of david bowie as a sex god. he oozes sensual maturity, wisdom, provocative playfulness, oh, how i could go on and on...

but think that, actually, i have gone on way too much as it is.

consider this though, i haven't even told you about animal crossing, the tulips blooming in my front yard, roco loco... maybe next time ^_-


skzuk said...

i havent seen doctor who but have heard about it...
and just that it is so much hot here in India, I am eating also more icecream than usual and I love it. I think the thing with icecream and chololate is that they make us feel good by secretly releasing some pleasure chemicals..:-D
Isn't it goood...

Girlcreeture said...

Animal Crossing was created by the devil to ensnare and promote OCD among modern day gamers and the youth of the world!

Seriously though, at least you've chosen a show to obsess over that can literally provide you with newness for the rest of your life. Nothing like discovering something fun and cool and finally finishing all there is to discover about it right? Like hearing an awesome band and gobbling up all their CD's only to find out that they've broken up and while it's great you got what you got, it's sad there will be no more.