Friday, August 31, 2007

at our future table

you walked in on our conversation
over tea and berries and leonard cohen dreams

overly, you stalked the subject
demanding the dream to shift keys

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oh natalie

this made me laugh

post #641

this is a blog entry. i don't do them often, at least, i try not to...

reason for entry: katy no write poetry lately.

i am working on writing poetry, exercising. as a matter of fact, i've got a little journal type thing happening. i was sitting in orientation for the second of three days and started thinking to myself 'wow, i really haven't written anything lately... maybe i should start a journal.' next thing i know, text book publisher chick is giving out all sorts of swag--including a journal notepad type thingy.

i haven't written anything of worth yet... a few hai(na)ku and am doing this itty series called "The Spectrum of The Apple" which was inspired by a comment made by Tracy Harrison--my supervisor's (super beautiful) beautiful wife and now part time teacher--while discussing the similarities between her son and her husband: "the apple doesn't fall far from the spectrum", which, if you knew Stan (my supervisor/prof), you'd have to laugh.

on top of not writing, i start classes on tuesday, which means even less time to write (i think that's how it works anyway, although i may end up writing a ton, because my brain will be on again). and i still haven't finished Anchee Min's Red Azalea (which is a magnificent book).

other reason for blog post: katy not up to date with wrestling. somehow this makes me sad. i like to have my beat on wrestling, especially since ryan and i got into Ring of Honor--which is an incredible local promotion (local to the Northeast). we went to a dvd taping and i was caught in the crossfire of a boston street fight, one of the briscos pointed right at me to get out of the way, it was a rush, a bit scary, but i knew those guys would never hurt anyone but themselves and each other. it was pretty awesome.

ah, but i haven't even watched all of summerslam yet :(

i'll have all of sunday off starting in a week, so ryan and i can catch up on all the wrestling and tv shows and everything we're watching at the moment... wild palms, carnivale, heroes, coupling, twin peaks (not like we haven't watched it before) and the prisoner (which, yes, we've seen before too, but we're going to Port Marion at christmas time!!!!)

oh, what else...

good stuff:

dina and maya are coming over for breakfast. i've been able to see a bit of the brodsky sisters this month. they came over two weeks ago, and came to the book store to buy pretty books that saturday after. i very rarely--since leaving umass--get a chance to see them twice in as many weeks. it's so nice to see them, to hang out with them. it's especially nice because i feel really relaxed with them and with school approaching, and work not really lightening up yet, i've been a little stressed these past few days. (still not sure if my syllabus is going to fly with the higherups.)


ah, yes, another good thing. Rob Zombie's remake of the Carpenter Classic Halloween is out in theatres today. we're going to see it right after meeting Tim--ryan's soon to be new boss at EB games--at the mall.

there are lots of other good things... hell, i'm already looking forward to my birthday--to seeing ashraf and to eating a big happy meal of meats at fogo ^_^
and of course, kitties make people happy.

but for the sake of sakes i'll call this the endinginginging.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


rolling out -
from under the keys of your confidence.

black and white dawn
with buttered toast
and the smell of your sex lingering.

he asked me to marry him
and i told him to ask again
- in a year -

one night's not enough.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

you know when...

you know when you think up a line, a strophe, whatever, and then think to yourself 'i'll remember that, it's so good how could i possibly forget it?' then repeat the line(s) to yourself a few times... you know when that happens? it happens to us all.

and then you know when, the next day you're sitting at the computer ready to write something but nothing is coming to you and then you slap your forehead and remember that you thought you'd remember that great line? you remember it's great but can't remember even the most remote aspect otherwise. don't you just hate that?

Monday, August 13, 2007

in loving memory of herbert

herbert is michelle and josh's pretty girl kitty. herbert has been through a hell of a lot the past two weeks (you can read michelle's account here).

and most unfortunately, herbert died at the animal hospital yesterday afternoon.

having lost two cats this year, i empathize with where michelle and josh are right now. but know, too, that there probably isn't anything i can say to make them feel better.

that doesn't mean i can't try though...

michelle, it sounded like you have doubt about the actions you took. and maybe it didn't end up the best choice, but ryan and i are so proud that you went through the strain, the trouble, and the efforts to do what was best for herbert. too many people give up too soon, but not you. i know you guys fought, and i know herbert fought. you made the best choices you could. i just wish it'd turned out better for you.

max and herbert are playing together in kitty heaven.

(((((michelle))))) (((((josh))))) (((((loomis)))))

Monday, August 06, 2007

from Twin Peaks (part five: people are strange)

from Twin Peaks (part four: abandoned train car)

i'm on page 40

of In Our Own Words: Vol 7, which isn't out on amazon yet, but will be hitting shelves before this year is over.

it's my first printed-anthology publication and i'm very excited by it. to see my name in print in the long list of names is warming.

thanks Marlow ^_^

A Generation Defining Itself

Friday, August 03, 2007

from Twin Peaks (part 3: Teresa Banks' trailor)

it was 1 or 2 in the morning and we (the "B&E team, as Josh's mom refered to us as) went to take a few pictures of Teresa Bank's trailor at Fat Trout. Beloved Bryan went up to the door and whispered "i'm going to try the door" which was followed by a creek and a "it's open".

we didn't break... we just entered. and it was worth it.

from Twin Peaks (part 2: location location location)

can you id all the locations? (for twin peaks freaks)









#9 (this one is a bit tricky, but i bet you can still do it)

#10 (and this one is a bit of a cheat, because it's not *the* actual location)


from Twin Peaks (part 1: campers)

welcome to twin peaks.

the sign spot

yay camping!!!

and, the campers...

brian (hyde), and his new friend Autumn the cat... he didn't eat her, although it looks like he's thinking about it here...

angela (thetrueaudry)

rex "chainsaw" young. if you want to know why we call him chainsaw now, you'll have to come camping with us.

sandy didn't come camping with us, but she said she would do if the festers weren't paying for her trip. so, she's an honorary camper.

ryan and i tried oysters...

... i think they taste like the sea. salty and wet and not particularly nice. but like i said, if they were all that was left on the earth to eat, i'd eat them.