Tuesday, March 28, 2006

mission: submission

april is "national poetry month" among other things (such as "kite month"). in order to celebrate, i will be submitting a poem from somethingkaty (and one from piloteye) to varying journals and zines everyday (if possible).

as i do so, i will update this post which the button labelled "submission" will direct you to throughout my pilgrimage through the tumultuous world of publication.

day 1: ? to fence (it's not really the sort of thing i can do from work, what with not having all my documents to hand. i am thinking about the hotel science series as edited and selected by brian. what do you think?)

FROM: Fence
TO: katy acheson
April 2nd 2006 at 4:35
MESSAGE: Your submission was received successfully.
writer: katy acheson
title(s): the hotel science series (in 10 parts)
type: poetry

day 2: the giver, husband and wife (as edited by brian (thank you brian)), & the puzzle bird submitted to FRAME which jess mynes kindly brought to my attention upon my asking his advice as to where might be some nice zines to submit some of my work to. thank you jess.
yay for hyperlinks!

day 3: i am going to diagram. i mean, i am going to submit to diagram. i am not a very good visual artist. and because they are in search of the oddities of digital media, i will be sending them binary for breakfast, robots don't make good valentines (which brian reckons i ought call "feb 14th 2079"... did i get the year right, brian?), and i was going to send them something else but i can't remember what now (i have a little list at home, don't worry).

at home now... have sent diagram my email which included triangulus philus and nice to meet you as well as the two poems listed above.

Dear Katy,

Thanks for your submission to DIAGRAM. Sorry to say that after much discussion and close reading we have decided against the work. We get a lot of high quality submissions and can only take on the few that really hit us just right.

Tom Fleischmann
Assistant Poetry Editor

day 4: submitted an ode to frank o'hara to pedestal magazine.

Dear Katy: Thank you for submitting your work to The Pedestal Magazine. We enjoyed reading it but regret that we cannot use it at this time. We wish you the best of luck in placing your work elsewhere and sincerely hope that you will submit other writing to us in the future.
The Editors The Pedestal Magazine


day 5: i found this outstanding little journal by complete accident this morning and have just now sent them two poems. the journal is NOO and the poems i set them are room service and not a sex poem. on this one, i actually do hope they take either of the poems, because i really dig the journal.

am taking this as a "sorry, maybe next time"

Hi Katy,

I sent this message April 19th, but I just read your blog and it seems you never got it. My apologies for the mix up. No slight intended. I think the email got lost somehow?

Thank you for submitting these poems. Unfortunately, they're not quite the right fit for NOÖ. But I really like your style, especially in "Room Service." I would love to read more work from you, so if you have any more pieces available, please consider sending them along.

My apologies for passing, and thank you again!


P.S. And many thanks for your kind comments about NOÖ, and for posting comments on the site! We adore comments. If there were a way to make a salad out of comments, we would find it. Maybe with some walnuts too.

day 6: sent international diner (from piloteye) to Xcp

Katy Acheson,
Thanks for sending your poem to Xcp: Streetnotes. I really like it. We are going to push back the deadline untill sometime in late July, and publish the Summer issue in August. I will keep your submission on file and get back to you later this Summer.


David Michalski
Xcp: Streetnotes


am not sure what to make of this, in all honesty. though, i am wanting to think of it as a positive sign. the "i really like it" part is what makes me think the poem might make the cut, but one can never be sure.

day 7: Octopus Magazine are accepting manuscript submissions. they're looking for 16-32 pages of poetry (which i totally have). now i just have to decide if i have the balls to do it and whether i ought to go for the wifey or poetess angle. you know, domestic bliss verses foul. dunno. think i'll whip out an entirely seperate post about it, eh?

day 8: something will go to #andwerve but i haven't decided as to exactly what. they want first dibs and no simultaneous submissions... and something challenging... gonna have to think about this one...

... decided on [you are such a vivid dreamer] and [we have]

and gave them this as my bio:

22. married. capecod. hasafriendinphilly. afriendinlakecharles. abrother. asister. amother. afather. apetgoldfish. writespoetry. iswaitingtohearbackfromumassdartmouth. ishopingtoattendgraduateschoolthere. graduatedfromumassamherstmay2005. beenwritinglotsofpoetry. likesskittles. andfrankohara.

This is Jose Deerborn, associate editor for andwerve.
I am writing to you to inform you, regretfully, that your work was not chosen for our May issue. The reasons for not choosing work for our journal are many and are often, as I think in your case, unrelated to the quality of the work submitted. Sometimes we have too much of one kind of aesthetic; sometimes we simply have too much poetry; sometime we are looking for more balance. Thus, you must not be discouraged by this and must continue in your writerly pursuits with resumed confidence and strength. Best of luck in your future efforts, and feel free to submit more work to our journal if you feel it belongs in the upcoming issues. Thank you for your submission.
Jose Deerborn, Poetry Editor, andwerve

day 9: ink(&)ashes are asking for 3 to 5 poems, so am handing over to them graces domestic bliss and this is february.

day 10: wicked alice poetry journal gets broomtookhandlebra and angels do

day 11: am diggin' the style, look & sound of stirring. will be sending them safe the house of ashraf and and then i wrote this poem

Thank you for your submission to Stirring.

Unfortunately we have chosen other works for this issue.

Since we run a small publication, only a tiny portion of work sent to us is accepted, and many fine pieces end up returned merely because of our sizable submissions.

We appreciate your interest in Stirring.

day 12: kennesaw review have sent four poems to the glut and those poems are: hotel sciense XIX hotel science XXII room service and international diner. i have quite a few poems on the subject matter of food...

day 13: am a day ahead of myself (as an attempt not to fall sorely behind during the up-coming holiday weekend; guests will be over for dr who wonderment). so tomorrow, i have submitted three poems (the puzzle bird
before the rain and foul) to typomag 7. i dig the mag, but am not sure that i'm their stylee. they don't have very much in the way of narative poetry... we shall see though.

Dear Katy,
I thank you for sending your work our way, but we have decided to pass this time around. We wish you the best and thank you again for thinking of us.
TYPO eds.

day 14: the editor at a.pos.tro.phe has just been sent the act of being fruit and poetry sampler

Hi Katy,

Your poem "the act of being fruit" is being published in the May/June 2006 issue. Please send a short biography to go along with your poem. Thanks.

Saty Patrabansh

day 15: will send fish into six and the house of ashraf to quick fiction on account of them looking for quick fiction

... i had a feeling this might happen. in reality, it's day 19. which means i should have to submit 4 days worth to be on top of things. instead, i am going to go on a little detour here. it isn't as if anyone is actually keeping up with my submissions anyway, so i can do whatever i want. like i told ryan, too, i just don't feel like and this isn't a job; therefore, if i don't feel like doing it, i don't have to. it is in no way vital to anyone well being that i submit something every day. i am sure i will splurge some evening and get them all done... but that evening is not now.

instead, today, i have played video games, been out to lunch, to the dentist, found out i have negative dollars in the bank, am doing laundry (looking like a total of 4 loads to do today, boys), and generally tidied the house up. once this post is finished i intend on cracking open David Barry Does Japan for a laugh.

the past few days i have pretty much been away from my blog. have been doing a few wordy posts, but have been taking a little break from the poetry scene. haven't even read any poetry in the past few days. i guess everyone needs a break now and again. especially a one who over doses on writing poetry.

so, until i feel like write another poem, and submitting some of those poems to journals and ezines that will more than likely turn them down, i am going to read mindless books. i have a few dr who novels to read, plenty of philip k dick and this david barry fella too keep me attentive until i get my gusto back.

thank you for all the pictures of lucy, michelle; you are the bestest

day 16:

day 17: modern review even though i don't think is a particularly loving place for my sort of poetry...

may 8th: the editor of h_ngm_n is being sent an email which will include the following poems: wednesday
he & she then
spring confessional
and hit parade

Sorry to take so long with these. I really like SPRING CONFESSIONAL and WEDNESDAY & I hope you'll consider sending me those two, with maybe 4 or 5 others, as a new submission as soon as you get a chance...just so I can get a fresh look at things.
Nate Pritts

and have emailed mark from cy gist press about his spaceship. am not sure that he's still looking for submissions. will hopefully hear back soon.
[update on the spaceship project: not taking any more submissions, but mark's put me on his mailing list for future projects ^_^ ]

may 23: outside voices (they are looking for me)
have just sent them
the origami astronaut
experiment 51
... .-- .- .-.. .-.. --- .-- / ... --- -. --. /
promises; promises

need i say more?

may 30th: yeah, i waited until the last minute to submit our poems dear, but at least i got it done. i hope you don't mind, i had to forge your signature. well, ryan did it, so that the signatures would look different.

ashraf and i are sending dear salamander and geography lessons to this competition.

june 16th: will be submitting 5 poems to the onion union (further updates later)

ponytail jerk
the long way
[stretched and penniless]
[let us compare were we're from
and hit parade
have all been submitted to the onion union. special thanks go out to melanie and marcus of the onion union for seeking me out and for commenting on my work.

Thanks Katy,

Marcus here. I think your work is great. The two standard tests are
(1) absense of cliche and (2) concreteness of language. Bang on on
both counts. So, let's agree to publish "the long way" for the August
issue. I hope you'll consider sending work again.

And thanks for your patience; I'm sad to say it's taken a month to get
this e-mail out. While some publications keep an artist's work upwards
of six months before giving her a reply, Mel and I try not to be like
that. Because that's just mean.

Marcus McCann
editor, the onion union

june 21: an ode to frank o'hara has been posted on bloggingpoet.com, thank you billy!

june 24: the ringing of the bards #1 - as hosted by billy the blogging poet (mayor of poets101.com). my series of poems titled the sleeping woman was included in the first festival. am hosting begining july 1st and am uber excited ^_^

june 29: Didi M of The Goodnight Show has asked me to record and submit three for the show. this is a first; the recording thing i mean. am looking forward to hearing how it turns out. brian will be on the friday show (june 30th); do check it out.

4th of july special of the Goodnight Show - featuring ME!

august 14th UPDATE: justheard back from nate at h_ngm_n who wants to include the puzzle bird and wednesday in either the november issue or the march '07 issue of the 'zine. am uber happy about this ^___^ thanks nate!!!

august 28: marlow of in our own words and i had a conversation via email this morning after he invited me to submit some work to his up-coming volume of the anthology. the description and submission guidelines, however, suggest that only poets born between 1960 and 1982 are elegable for submission. hence, the question arouse:

I was born in 1983. Does that mean I have to wait for the next generation's collection? Or do you still want me?

Katy, thanks for getting back. 1983? That's just too close to leave you out. Look forward to receiving and reading some texts from you. Have a great Saturday. Marlow

september 10: just sent what happened, flee market affair, $9.80 and the fold to in our own voices per request of Marlow. ^__^

October 1st: sending 3 poems to elimae today... they will be: what happened, the monarch of fall and soap

sent. and now we wait.

.DENIED. it wasn't what they were looking for. so... onto the next.

october 27th
to 42opus: tongue & cheek, the point, the monarch of fall, the idiot box, soap and ponytail jerk*

day 20: eleven bulls

day 21: ravenna

day 22: shampoo poetry

day 23: zeek (am in love with the name of this journal)

day 24: dusie

day 25: half drunk muse

day 26: petty coat relaxer

day 27: the tiny journal

day 28: no tell motel

more journals here


arch.memory said...

Love the button! Good job.

B Boutwell said...

I think do it.

katy said...

you would :P

arch.memory said...

Wow! You're almost there!

katy said...

lol, almost where?

B Boutwell said...

Katy. It is cool that you are keeping such a meticulous record of your submissions. Keep sending them.

Oh, you are almost, where, there, is. :)

JayTee said...

I linked to your blog from Seth Abramson's blog. I was so inspired by your submission mission that I started a submission blog of my own and I actually made a submission lol. Thank you for the inspiration!