Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[stretched and penniless]

_____we lay
stretched and penniless
over victorian furniture;

naked angels drawing circles over our heads,
trapping us in age

as we contemplate the rumors
overheard on the train last saturday.

tumult and chaos erected a fountain
of spring water to be given freely
in the town center;

we are reminded of all the languages
that water translates into.

while making our way
to the fountain for drinks

you stepped on a salamander
and scared the angels away

leaving us unaided
to round up and round down

to the nearest wooden nickle.


Crunchy Weta said...

two great images.. trapped and penniless over Victorian furniture, and the one about languages that water translates into.
Quite like the surreal salamander too.
How about.. trapping us in an age.

arch.memory said...

I love that, "we are reminded of all the languages/that water translates into."
(And why did you step on the salamander? Poor little orange thing... :)

katy said...

i didn't step on the salamander, "you" did