Saturday, February 25, 2006

hotel science series (still going)

hotel science XXI

if you overture with a log
the size of the great roman empire

and follow it with an entire roll
of paper

the toilet will most certainly
become clogged.

figuring this out does not
require a scientist.

hotel science XXII

if there are 67 rooms in a hotel--
each of them occupied
(by an average of 2 adults & 2 children)--
then they will consume

14 pots of regular coffee
2 pots of decaffeinate coffee
30 cinnamon buns
38 bagels (of various flavors)
25 muffins
4 gallons of milk
an immeasurable amount of juice and cereal
(not together... usually)
18 cups of tea
and ridiculous amounts
of sugar, jelly, butter
and cream cheese packets.

we thus conclude that hotel guests,
when contained in large quantities,
possess a neurological response
to crowds which includes consumption
of an unnatural and grotesque amount
of carbohydrate and caffeine.

hotel science XXIII

two quarters, two pennies and one dime
do not equal one dollar
no matter how one arranges the coins
on a front desk counter top.

hotel science XXIV

Quarters Do Not Grow On Trees



Mr. Matos said...

I love hotels! I really, really do!

katy said...

at the moment, i don't love hotels. but i'm glad someone does.

here for your enjoyment.

Brian Boutwell said...

Katy--are there ever any disasters in the bathrooms? Or does your hotel have civilized guests.

I like the last two.


opnlylej (oops, I typed it wrong)



katy said...

what do you think XXI is about?

anyway, i'm not typically the one who cares for the public restrooms.

someone did put a tootsie roll in the pool though once, and everyone thought it was a poo. that was a fun day.