Sunday, May 07, 2006

hit parade

i swung & missed

shoes on trees fillet the cod,
my bat - shredded - is the spatula

the charcoal is ready

& we 're trying new things
in the garden shed:

_____an intimate moment of accusations
_____tickle fits & lip smacks behind printed beach towels

it is almost time to give up
on socks altogether.


William F. DeVault said...

I like it!

Bryan said...

i like this poem too.

i like what's going on in it:

things like "shoes on trees fillet the cod"

and "tickle fits & lip smacks"

it conjures a crisp summer feeling.

katy said...

batman, glad you like it. and thank you for reading my stuff. i should write you something up about the collection you sent me a while ago... maybe this weekend, okay?

bryan, gratittude for your comments goes through the roof. i feel as though i have been so stuck in a fall/winter-poetry-venacular rut for ... ever. to know that i can actually evoke "a crisp summer feeling" is ... well, you deserve a hug or something.

denielle said...

i love the bit about trying new things in the garden shed.

Crunchy Weta said...

Hope you are aware of the consequences of giving up socks in the altogether;-)
Glenn (currently heading towards that most introverted of seasons, Ah well it was a good summer)