Monday, April 07, 2014

random... thoughts...

occasionally, i feel the need to reflect in order to feel better.  better... than... whatever i am right now.  not sad.  maybe, more, lonely.


i am in the office all by myself for the next two weeks.  there's a lot to get done, and i really shouldn't be on my laptop, but i feel like i need to reach out a little.

i have npr on in the background, purple tulips hanging out of an oversized vase on my desk, hot tea, and more work to do than i think i will be able to get done on time.  nevertheless, i have to try, and i will. 

everything is good.  it is quiet.  and although i can be quite productive when i'm on my own, it is a little lonely. 



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Maria said...

Loneliness... I get it. Makes me feel not so alone when you say it out loud.