Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oulipost # 19: SESTINA

Prompt: This will be one of your most challenging Oulipost prompts! A sestina is a poetic form of six six-line stanzas. The end-words of the lines of each stanza repeat those of the first, but in a differing order that in each successive stanza follows the permutation: 615243. The entire sequence of end words is thus: 123456; 615243; 364125; 532614; 451362; 246531. All words and phrases must be sourced from your newspaper text.


Massachusetts is the keynote whale
for annual budget debate set to charges
representatives will spend time next to an officer
the second time in route
the center said the whale is like bombers
which is the next stop for heroin

researchers have identified heroin
charged with possession of a whale
past and present top federal bombers
confident about pulling off charges
1,000 miles outside of its normal route
to separate themselves from their officer

police did not elaborate on the officer
and being present where heroin is heroin
three were transported along a route
the driver of a car was a whale
The center said the animal was not on charges
to police release bombers

chief justice of the high bombers
was killed a year ago by the suspected officer
even sightings in the colder waters off charges
discovered the 21-year-old heroin
and urged cooperation from the whale
speculation about making another route

bowheads typically inhabit the route
identified during an aerial survey of bombers
first responders killed in the whale
as it fed alongside officer
they discovered heroin and arrested the heroin
all eyes are on the charges

some of the developing charges
over for a crosswalk route
ramps down activity for heroin
according to bombers
the animal has been seen by an officer
now three Falmouth people face the whale

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