Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oulipost #25: Larding (line stretching)

Prompt: Aka “line stretching.” From your newspaper text, pick two sentences. Add a new sentence between the first two; then two sentences in the new intervals that have become available; and continue to add sentences until the passage has attained the length desired. The supplementary sentences must either enrich the existing narrative or create a new narrative continuity.

Source: Cape Cod Times, Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Days after finishing
the Boston Marathon
in her mother's memory,
an Osterville woman
discovered that she was not
the only one who crossed
the finish line wearing
her bib number. 

Males of most species of birds migrate north earlier than females.

The nonprofit group
started renovations
at its Dennis farm
this week
and hopes to open
a new retail store
there late this summer.

Police are investigating
after a 40-year-old woman
was found dead
in a homeless camp
on Yarmouth Road
on Friday night.

Birds are on the move everywhere this season.

A group of local
anti-casino advocates
is backing Boston
Mayor Martin J Walsh
as he calls into question
the state's process
for licensing a casino
in its eastern region.
Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 8-1 on Friday night.

The farm stand
in Dennis
sells herbs
and produce grown
at the Dennis
and Marstons Mills farms.

The big bad Bruins have made lots of goalies feel sick this year.

Half of all jobs
 in science,
and math require
some form of computing
according to US
Bureau of Labor
statistics from 2010.

The situation is becoming untenable, Scudder said.

Manning says
she was unsure how
her bib number
was stolen, but
she did say that
she posted a picture
of it on facebook
on the Saturday
before the race.

Chance favors the informed observer, especially along the coastline.

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