Friday, October 20, 2006

zombies and comics

i don't read many comics, but occasionally if the story is interesting or the art work is really fabulous then i get into one. it doesn't hurt when it comes in a book either.

i guess i don't really get into comics because i'm impatient as anyone. i don't think i could stand waiting two weeks or even a month at a time for a couple of pages to come out in stores.

snikt! it did happen once though... ryan bought me the first issue of Wolverine: Snikt! and i was like a bloodhound while it was being released--thank the comic gods it was only a 5-book long run! i may have gotten a bit obsessed. or i would have given up on it altogether. i never finished the final installment of it, come to think of it, and i haven't the foggiest idea as to where in this house they might be piled up.

over the weekend at rock'n'shock, paul (new best buddy, paul at!) let me have a copy of The Walking Dead which i just finished and LOVED!

if you're down with the Romero zombie, then you're down with this comic series. it has all the quintessential elements and the art is realistic and lovely. though i'd have liked to see a few more zombies up close and detailed. maybe in the next book?

so, that's what i've been doing all day; fighting zombies!

recently, ryan's been reading World War Z by Max Brooks (proud son of the Mel Brooks, yes), which is apparently very scary and plausible in nature. i don't know that i'll be giving it a read any time soon, but having heard what ryan's told me about it sounds like an amazing pseudo non-fiction book.

and if you love zombies sooooo much, then get the board game!! i got a whole pack of glow-in-the-dark zombies to go with mine ^_^

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