Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Ringing of the Bards is Getting Wet!

The 18th edition of the Ringing of the Bards—poetry carnival—is being hosted by the six sexual deviants of WetPoems© on October 21st 2006 and we’re counting on your submissions to make this the tastiest ringing to date.

Below are some guidelines that will help you unleash your fiercest pheromones on the rest of the ringing public:

Only poems of the naughtiest nature will be considered for this up-coming ringing.
If you're not familiar with the Art of Wet, come spend a few private moments with us at WetPoems (*not suitable for the workplace*).

Due to the nature of the 18th ringing of the bards, the members of WetPoems have provided the following submission guidelines in order to accommodate our fellow blogging poets. We realize that not everyone is ready to acknowledge their inner naughtiness, but we hope that by providing the option to anonymously submit to this ringing we give all of your inner sexuality and sensuality some room to play.

Please Read Carefully:
• Submissions can be sent to any 6 of the wet members; whom ever you (the poet) choose to email will then (more likely than not) be presenting them in the wet ringing. So if you want to be a member of ozy's brothel, you should email ozy. (email’s listed below)
• Include the words “Ringing of the Bards” in the subject of your email submission otherwise it will not be read by any of the wet members and therefore not be included in the ringing!
• Submissions should include the full text of the poem and/or a link to the post where that poem lives.
• If you do not include a link to your poem then you must include a link to your blog.
• Poets who wish to remain anonymous must indicate so (anonymous poems will be posted as such and links to all contributors’ blogs will be listed at the end of the ringing of the bards; therefore, you will get a link, but no one other than the wet member you email will know which poem you've written).
• It will be assumed that any poet who sends a direct link to the poem as posted on a blog agrees to their identity being disclosed to the public within the ringing post.

Submissions are due by Friday October 20th —anything submitted after the date may not be included in the ringing.

Email any of the six sexy members of wet:
Yasmin = grlscoutfinch at
Cecilia = clearcandy_daily at
Ozymandiaz = ozymandiaz at
C.S. Perez = jspirit_00 at
Katy = kaacheson at
Ô¿Ô = transientrevelation at


arch.memory said...

Oooh! Likey, likey, likey! What a superb and inspired idea!

Now, are older poems okay? I haven't been feeling very naughty all summer long...

Silwen said...
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Silwen said...
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Anonymous said...

Just the thing to get me in a writing mood again! Thanks for the sexy topic.