Monday, October 16, 2006

open season

as we drove past we saw them
holding dried autumn flowers

and singing christian prayers
over the dead body of an atheist deer.

further, beyond the exit ramps
pick up trucks bordered the road side

arranged in short, neat rows
like a boy's favorite collection.

then even further beyond
a truck driver could be seen

crying in the window of his rig
for the father he lost as a child.


arch.memory said...

You know what, and this might be more suited for a prolonged e-mail discussion, or something on Poetship, but I've been in such a rut, feeling completely uninspired, not knowing what to write about. So now, not only do I find this utterly beatiful, but almost miraculous in its subject matter. (((katyssima)))

Travis Jay Morgan said...

"arranged in short, neat rows
like a boy's favorite collection." mmmm, I loved this simile.

ozymandiaz said...

Very nice how you take us along. Interesting perspectives. Long stretch of highway...

derek said...

i think i was at that funeral. & someone stole my pick-up truck afterwards. damn christians.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

This is really strong. May I link to this poem on another site?

katy said...

kgt, absolutly! thank you!