Saturday, October 21, 2006

the upside down owl

a poem for c.s.perez
('cause he encouraged it)

i wanted to be the upside down owl -
the one different from all the others

to distract the light from passing cars
fitting it into shapes, my wings, my eyes

the reflection you could never see past.
fit or foul - i wanted to watch you

for a child's nightmare, an innocent fear
or the deepest seeded, but not knowing.

if i were that owl i could have known
and never felt the glare

of the other two owls, the perfect pair
sat upright on the empty, brown branch.


csperez said...


csperez said...
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Anonymous said...

I second the "gorgeous" comment by cs. Very nice... I wish someone would be inspired to wite one like that for me... :>)

Nicely done, Katy.


Anonymous said...

"wite"? "Wite"!?

Please do not be inspired to write me an Elmer Fudd ode... :>)