Friday, October 27, 2006

a translation

on being converted


'gaping, as the time of humanity expires, one's fitness
from fear, the shivers, does not last long'
I knew, of course I knew, I could escape to no other prison

Now I am one of those who worship none other than cthulhu's way for
drought and none of his riches and what has happened
to me
Have grown gills

To dream of the shore
For the breath of an instant through the lungs,

The untrustworthy air

The unearthly chains
Of the master

Which is the heart break of mermen

on being numerous -by george oppen


'Whether, as the intensity of seeing increaes, one's distance
from Them, the people, does not also increase'
I know, of course I know, I can enter no other place

Yet I am one of those who from nother but man's way of
thought and one of his dialects and what has happened
to me
Have made poetry

To dream of the beach
For the sake of an instant in the eyes,

The absolute singular

The unearthly bonds
Of the singular

Which is the bright light of shipwreck

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ozymandiaz said...

Wow, not your (I don't mean that like "yours" per se, I mean in a general populace kind of way...this is way too much disclaimer) usual slasher fare. Hopefully there will be intelligent people reading the ROTB. I do love the Lovecraft (Rats in the Walls was always my fave but The Thing by the Door is friggin' awesome also).

arch.memory said...

I am always amazed when you do these translations: first, by the fact that you are not too intimidated by the thing you love that you wouldn't even attempt it (my case); and second, that--in my opinion--the translation turns out as good, if not better, than the thing it translates (I love the fragility in your version, the references; somehow the original is a bit too abstract and grandiose in concept).