Friday, October 20, 2006

some pictures from last weekend...

we've got a photo of the two of us with ken foree from the original dawn of the dead who makes us both look like little children. we plan on putting that picture and this one along side each other on the wall for obvious reasons. michael j anderson (aka little mike) is one fabulous individual. it was an absolute treat to meet him and be able to spend so much time with him over the weekend.

below, "the sexy michael rooker" (Grant Grant from Slither, if you haven't seen it... what's your excuse?) gives ryan and i a little squeeze. and yeah, i'm making a really stupid face.

and here we're just being cute.

thank you, michelle, for all the pictures!!!!


csperez said...

nice pics!

katy said...

thanks! michelle (see bad mana link) is a fabulous photographer, i wish i knew her before ryan and i got married so she could have done the pics for my wedding, but oh well!