Thursday, April 11, 2013

better tomorrow

i keep tomorrow sunny
filled with hanging the flower
warm and dirty hands

i am busy when allowed
sneezing at hungry matter
all for fun

i have helped tonight
kicked the fun in
epic, but still play

source: facebook status updates on April 11th, 2013
Chilly night here on the harbor in Provincetown! Temp is hanging at 40.2 degrees with a light breeze making it feel like 30's. (Jim Hughes)
If I keep sneezing, you're dead. (David Brooke)
The TARDIS & The FABULOUS Hair: could Dr. Who ever be female & WHO would play him/her?! (Chris Matthews)
Tooth drilled, but still with the ow. Hoping tomorrow brings a better, less-hissing-at-the-intake-of-air-filled day. (Dean Sasser)
I got accepted into big girl school. Rhode Island College here I come! (Emily Tullock)
I want to have the first gay marriage when it's allowed in Kansas. Taking applications for flower people and ringbears. (Jason Deehr)
parenting confession: a glass and a half of wine tonight have made me much more tolerant; aka I've been a lot more fun, akak 'better' mom. Of course they'd already washed their hands and were eating when it kicked in, so that helped. Dirty hungry kids are no fun no matter what. ;) (ellen b rogers)
It's sunny and warm and Shannon is in Berlin?! What?! (ana-maria bell)
It's a busy week for my facebook family . . . birthdays, engagements, epic vacations, all sorts of fun. :-D (bill kollas)

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