Thursday, March 28, 2013

ten things i know to be true...

... about my dad.

1. my dad hates the song rock lobster by the b52s.  you can ask him why.
2. my dad is great at telling stories.  especially around camp fires.
3. my dad's idea of a camp fire is bigger and brighter than your idea of a camp fire.
4. my dad once arrested santa claus.
5. my dad once had to pull one of my classmates in elementary school out of a trash can at the museum of science in boston.  he was chaperoning a school trip.  i think that was the last time he ever volunteered to chaperon a trip for my class.
6. my dad used to build lego castles for my sister and i so we could play with (aka destroy) it.  i don't think he liked it though.
7. my dad would do anything he could to help me or my brother or sister.  and he does.
8. my dad likes mint lifesavers.
9. my dad took me to a Celtics game when i was too young to appreciate it.  i remember being so bored we ended up leaving.  i know he was disappointed, but going to the garden with my dad is still a vivid and brilliant memory.  thank you, dad!
10. my dad's homemade chili is still my favorite.  it's the best.  he's the best.

i know it's early for father's day, but I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately.  i love you, dad!

list format inspired by Sarah Kay's TEDtalks "If I should have a daughter..." viewable on or youtube

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